Introducing: Cincopa’s Animated Video Thumbnail

A great video thumbnail is pretty enticing.
What’s more clickable than a thumbnail featuring a video?
Well, how about an animated video thumbnail?
We’ve A/B tested static Vs animated thumbnails and the results were nothing short of mind-blowing.
Now, we are happy to introduce it as our newest feature available to Cincopa users!

Animated Thumbnail – 24% more play-rate

With the goal of providing the best, most engaging viewing experience in the universe in our sights, we set forth and created an Animated Video Thumbnail to increase engagement and play rate. 

We A\B tested it and saw a 24% higher play rate on our product demo video which gets thousands of views each month 📈.

Engagement translates to business results. This feature is an engagement super-blaster.


Interested in seeing how we A\B tested it?

Stay tuned for our next feature where we’ll showcase our embeds’ flexibility further. 💪



Select a video snippet and fire away! 

Under the video thumbnail settings (“set thumbnail“), you’ll now find a new option. Using the time range you’ll set the starting and finishing points, hit save and, bang- you’ve successfully taken off.
So sit back and watch your engagement metrics trend upwards like never before. 


Increase Playrate by 20% and generate more engagement

Start animating your video’s thumbnail







Originally published on September 9th, 2019, updated on February 10th, 2020
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Introducing: Cincopa’s Animated Video Thumbnail

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