Music Resources for your Videos and Slideshows

Music Resources for your Videos and Slideshows

Presentations, projects take-offs or pitches require those 5 seconds of attention grabbing, to steal the audience. Content enhancements or cliffhangers work to a certain level, but music operates at a convincing, “sealing the deal” level. Adding music to your content can be a game plan, so let’s have a look what music resource are available on the market:

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  1. Music Stock

Before starting to create your videos/slideshow, make sure you have all the content resources within reach. Your explainer video or pitch slideshow can be polished off with stock tunes of any budget. There are a lot of options out there, but you might want to have a closer look before purchasing a subscription plan.

  • Music Bed – Available for filmmakers, musicians, ad agencies and non-profit, this resource can give that juicy punch line to your content. You can browse in their music database searching for “non-commercial” or “commercial” or choosing the files by genre, mood, artist, characteristics, instruments or length. You can sweep between playlists and visuals waveforms allow you to see how the music is structured.
  • Premium Beat – Royalty free music and sound effects stock. This platform is a best source of licensed music, as it contains a handpicked, limited selection of tunes from the world’s leading composers for film, video and media projects. You can choose between music and SFX or browse by popularity, genre, mood and artist. Did I mention that you pay once and you can use the file forever?
  • AudioJungle – For those on a tight budget, AudioJungle provides royalty free audio files from $1. You can choose between music, music packs, sound effects, source files, logos and idents. While compared with the previous two music stocks, on AudioJungle the songs are not exclusive or unique, but they are high quality.

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In addition to our top 3 suggestions, there are other music stocks you can check:

  • Marmoset (hand crafted music for picture);
  • NeedMusic (free music for personal videos, with just $4.99/month for unlimited commercial use, with license in your name);
  • License Lab (non-royalty free quality tunes);
  • Tunefruit (freshest production music for your explainer video, corporate video, film, mobile app);
  • Songfreedom (real music, licensed – for $49.99 you can purchase famous tunes from artists like One Republic or Lady Gaga);
  • Pond5 (biggest royalty free media, attracting the biggest singers in the world).
  1. Free Music Resources

If buying your tunes from a music stock it’s a pricey option, do not give up. Sometimes it’s just a matter of digging deeper for goodies. We searched for some absolutely free audio resources, check our top options:

  • My Spoonful – As they advertise it, my “Spoonful is the best in new independent music – free mp3 downloads, photos, artist bios, and more”. So  you can browse around and fine a good tune for your video or slideshow without having to pay a dime.
  • Free Stock Music – This platforms offers an ample variety of free music in 10 genres: cinematic scores, classical, corporate, country, easy listening, electronic, hip-hop, international, pop and rock. You can find royalty free tunes for your video, movie, film, video game or media projects.
  • Free Play Music“The sound of your new project starts here”. This website offers free music files for download (mostly instrumental mp3 music tracks) providing a reliable source of music for your projects.


Besides the above examples, you can try some other awesome music “free-riders”:

  • BrainyBetty (free sound clips and music for your PowerPoint presentations);
  • TemplateWise (great resource for music loops used in slides, already converted in mp3s);
  • Media College (unpretentious platform for basic audio tracks or music loops);
  • Partners in Rhyme (Free Royalty Free Music to download and use in your commercial projects, podcasts, websites and videos);
  • Last FM (known mostly for streaming music, this platform provides a free audio downloads section as well).

Now, with so many choices in the radar, pick the one fitting your vision and budget and start creating your next project!

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