New Blog Guidelines

This is the introduction to the blog.

A social video is a video that you share via social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Each social media platform is different, plays by its own rules, and serves a different purpose.

You need to know how to use each platform if you want to engage with people. Producing that perfect social video is possible if you keep the following factors in mind.

changes::::white background – right now we have a light grey background


  • We would like to have available a few different FONTS options for the text – as well as different text colors (customizable color wheel)
  • “To highlight a certain part of the text we would like to have a nice visual way to display quotes”

  • Here’s a nice example below for quotes style, text font + color : )

  • make the text in the middle of the entire web page – right now it’s indexed on the left


  • Fix how words who have a link look. Right now once it’s published it looks like |The length of your video| will differ depending on what it is about. It’s best to aim for less than two minutes and stick to 60 seconds if you can.

Above you also can see that the background is a washed out light grey.

  • on the blog homepage, we would like to display the featured image of the latest posts + search bar to the menu



Originally published on June 2nd, 2019
The Blog

New Blog Guidelines

by Julia Mazal time to read: 1 min