Product Updates : See What’s New at Cincopa [November 2023]

At Cincopa, we’re all about riding the wave of innovation, and this month is no exception! We’ve been hard at work rolling out new features that will not only streamline your workflow but also take your audience’s viewing experience to new heights. So, buckle up as we introduce the latest tools to amp up your content creation game on Cincopa and CincoTube – your go-to secure video arena!

Product Updates November 2023

Dive into Live Stream Analytics with JavaScript Embed

Live Stream Analytics with JavaScript Embed

Ever wondered how your audience engages with your live events? Dive deep into user data analytics with our Live Analytics feature! Perfect for content creators with member sites, or marketers alike, this feature enables you to access engagement data of individual users, providing insights for better member retention. Check it out!

Make Your Mark with Watermark Overlay on Videos

Watermark Overlay: Protect, Brand & Engage

Your videos deserve a distinctive touch, and all the protection we can give it! Our New Watermark Overlay feature is here to deliver! Whether you’re protecting your copyright, increasing brand recognition, or promoting an event, this feature has you covered. Check it out! 

Watermark on Video

Streamline with Attached Files and Links to Video

Attach Files and Links : Elevate Viewer’s Experience

Online Course Creator? Marketer? The options are endless with this new feature. Seamlessly organize and manage all related resources under one roof with our new Attach Files and Links feature. Elevate your viewer’s experience by adding downloadable attachments and links to videos, images, or documents. Check it out!

Online Courses Example Image


Elevate your content game by exploring these fantastic new features. Get started today and ride the wave of innovation with Cincopa and CincoTube. Don’t have a CincoTube account? Dive into the video-action by signing up for free. See you next month, riding the crest of creativity and productivity! 🚀✨

Originally published on December 1st, 2023
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Product Updates : See What’s New at Cincopa [November 2023]

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