Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring” says one of the proverbs and in the times of Internet it became a worldwide custom to share your content with other people. Files just thrown into the web may be found by someone unauthorized to use them. For those of us that want to share their files in a more controlled and civilized manner Cincopa prepared the File sharing skin. Let’s jump into it and see what they have prepared for us this time.

Another gem in Cincopa’s portfolio

File sharing skin is another template from Cincopa that is fully responsible with CSS files edit. Pro users will be able to edit main CSS files too. Files can be grouped by tags in ascending or descending order.

Apart from full control over sizes of different widgets, your designing of file sharing page will be aided with different color palettes. These are either preset, proposed by Cincopa, like Dark Glow, Vintage Paint or Sweet Lavender, or your own, composed by you.

Don’t limit your options

File sharing skin does not limit you when it comes to formats of your files. Multiple formats can be stored and shared with your peers or co-workers. For music composers, Cincopa offers music files download and domain lock where you can list websites authorized to display your HTML5 music player or video player – you get full control over who uses your content. To enhance it, pro users get also password protection and right click protection.

Cincopa offers automatic transcoding, reliable CDN and fast upload. If you want to share files with others, this file sharing skin is probably one of the best solutions to present your material in the most elegant and convenient way, with care about your rights to share it only with those that you wish.

That’s all, folks! Now it’s your turn to try!

Originally published on December 29th, 2015, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Sharing is Caring

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