How to Send Video Emails with Intercom and Mailchimp

How to Send Video Emails with Intercom and Mailchimp

There’s no other way to grow your business but to give your customers exactly what they need right on time. Email marketing is supposed to help entrepreneurs to establish a line of business-to-consumer communication, which is critical for reaching out to the audience and receiving feedback. But if you really want to maximize outreach and understand which marketing tactics work better, you need to integrate email campaigns with video. And this can be super easy, especially if you’re using one of the popular email marketing & customer communication platforms, such as MailChimp or Intercom.

Indeed, video can increase the power of your email message dramatically. Video is much better than plain text, since it allows to fit a large amount of information into a shrinking attention span and engage email recipients within the first few seconds. Video emails have a higher open rate and fewer chances that they will fall into a “spam” box or “promotions” folder. Cincopa provides the simplest way for marketers to add video into Intercom or MailChimp email campaigns.

Make your video email unforgettable

Cincopa is a rich media platform for business, which allows you to embed creatively-looking videos into any custom email template. You can pick up an appealing video player design depending on your business goals: stand-alone video, video gallery, video portal, video timeline, video playlist, grid slider with videos and images, and more. As the result, you’ll be able to create a perfectly visualized email message with beautiful and informative video content without the need to send large attachments.

Send video emails with Intercom

Intercom is a customer messaging platform which allows to send both in-app and email messages. This platform helps you to build real connections with your clients and get the best results in email marketing. Cincopa is fully integrated with Intercom and lets you embed your video galleries in a few clicks to your in-app messages or emails. Find the “Emails and Campaigns” tab on the “Embed Gallery” page in your Cincopa account, than simply copy and paste the automatically generated code into the email draft and send the video optimized message to your customers.

Create video email campaigns with Mailchimp

MailChimp is great for sending business emails, newsletters, and targeted campaigns. Cincopa provides seamless video integration for MailChimp. To embed a video gallery into a MailChimp email template, you simply need to copy and paste the optimized code, which you can get on Cincopa’s “Embed Gallery” page by selecting MailChimp from the drop-down list of email providers. Don’t forget to set a custom thumbnail size, which your email recipients will see after receiving a message. They can click on it to view the video in their browser.

Learn more about your customers with Video Analytics

One of the most incredible features Cincopa provides to all its users is advanced Video Analytics. After sending video emails with Cincopa, you can find detailed statistics and insights about about every video asset and every specific viewer. Video Analytics provides all information you need to know to improve your marketing strategy and business positioning. You can find out which videos have higher watch time and which of them engage your audience better. You’ll be surprised with how much information you can learn about video viewers: their location, IP address, video viewing activity and average engagement, operating system and browser version. It can be of great use when you need to draw up a personalized business proposal.

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