The Benefits of Real Estate Video for Agencies, Brokers, and Online Portals

Let’s talk about how video can help to market your real estate property business. Whether you’re in the real estate business as an agency, broker, or online property portal, you know how challenging it can be to attract and retain clients these days. Video can help you to solve this problem in a both seamless and cost-effective way. Cincopa will guide you the key aspects of video marketing, showing you how your real estate company can benefit from adding property video to your website.

Real estate video for agencies and brokers

Many real estate agencies and brokers have websites, and video can turn them into a powerful source of sales. It’s important to know that embedded video adds value to website SEO,  increases its chances to be discovered by new visitors in video search results, boosts lead generation, conversions, and sales. It’s not a secret that people are 85% more likely to do a purchase after watching a video. You should turn this knowledge into your key competitive advantage in order to succeed as a real estate entrepreneur. Engage your website visitors with interactive property video tours, add appealing calls-to-action and email forms directly into the video player, use video analytics to learn more about your potential customers, align video viewing stats with leads and improve your business offers to clients.

Create video portal for your property business

If you are developing a real estate platform similar to Zillow, Yahoo! Homes, or Trulia, you need to remember that property business can’t survive on the market without using visualized content. A property video portal will be the most powerful tool on your platform, which your users will really appreciate. Let them visualize their listings on your platform with creative property videos – they’ll look just amazing and generate 403% more inquiries than plain text listings.

How to embed property video to a real estate website with Cincopa

All video content hosted with Cincopa can be easily embedded to any custom website in just a couple of clicks. You only need to copy the video gallery embed code, which is fully HTML5-compatible and mobile-friendly, and paste it to your website.

If your website uses one of the popular CMS solutions, you can take advantage of Cincopa media plugin and manage the entire video embedding process from your website dashboard.

If you are a developer, you can integrate video with your platform in a more advanced way using Cinopa’s API. This API test helps you to quickly validate API connection with your platform, check the general API connection, as well as various modules from an asset to portal level.

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Written by Ievgen Leonov
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