Use Cincopa with Free Website Builders

Creating your own stunning website never been so easy. You can use free website builder services like Wix or WordPress and then enhance the website performance with Cincopa’s rich galleries. This will help you to level the playing field and keep up with your competitors.

free website builders

If you are a non-professional web-designer, and for various reasons you prefer to create your own website, there are plenty of options out there, some of them totally free.  It can get pretty overwhelming as a novice, so we picked three free website builders solutions for you.

Wix, WordPress, and Weebly

Wix – Perfect for beginners and pros alike, Wix makes it easy to create the website you want. You can get a free website designed for you with Wix Artificial Design Intelligence or get total design freedom with the Wix Editor.  Over 500 hundred designer templates are available, and drag and drop allows you to customize them easily. Your website is up and running quickly without you having to know how to code. With Wix, you can not only build a website, but it offers reliable web hosting, top security, the best SEO for your website and good support.

WordPress – This is an extremely popular free and open-source website builder. You have maximum control over your website. You can build any type of website and there are thousands of free themes to choose from. It also has amazing drop and drag, page builders and you have access to thousands of free plugins to add functionality to your site. WordPress can take a little getting used to but once you’ve mastered it, you will enjoy its flexibility.

Weebly –  With this site, you have two ways to build your website. A basic editor builder asks you a few questions and builds the site for you or you can use the standard editor for a more hands-on approach. There are tons of stylish templates that you can tweak to suit your needs. You can also liven up your site with live chat or a newsletter.

Cincopa supports all website builder platforms

Now that you have decided what website builder service you’ll use to create your first website, the next step is to get your ducks in the row and upload your content. Cincopa’s solution can be integrated within any of the website builder platforms, so we encourage you to be as creative as you want.

That means your galleries, slideshows, pictures or any other rich media created with Cincopa can be easily added to the site created with any of the “Build Your Own Website” services.

If you already have a Cincopa account, all your digital assets are ready to be added to the builder website platform.

If you are a new user, first you need to create a photo gallery with the Cincopa platform. Choose one of the awesome skins and upload your media to Cincopa. To finish, get a simple code and embed it to your website builder.

That’s about it – your website, online store or blog is ready to go.

Originally published on December 9th, 2014, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Use Cincopa with Free Website Builders

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