Video Portal

Create your own charismatic video galleries, increase traffic, engagement and sales using business video portal by Cincopa.

If you would like to let your videos take the center stage, focus on creating or choosing the right images and let Cincopa do the rest. Our business video portal allows you to do just that in a simple and fast manner.

You can choose from our Video Portal Skins, Video Gallery Skins, Gird Category Skins, Video Player Skins and Background Slider Skins, and start transmitting your message in an elegant, creative and effective way. And remember: all skins powered by Cincopa are easily customizable, responsive and HTML5-compliant, which ensures a flawless workflow on all types of devices.

Video Portal Skins

Cincopa’s video portal skins boast a stylish and responsive design thought to fit into any custom website and work smoothly on any device. Because they are easy to embed and manage, they provide a stable workflow, a high speed and the best video quality. Among the features available for video portals are mosaic preview style, custom thumbnail dimensions, pagination, various transitions and interactions, as well as tags, SEO fields, direct editing of the CSS code, and much more.

Video Gallery Skins

One of the best tools to publish and manage online video content is a video gallery. And asides from all its very useful features, Cincopa’s video gallery skins have responsive layout that works perfectly both on mobile and desktop devices.

Grid Category Skins

Grid Category is a special format for publishing structured collections from videos and images. Cincopa’s skins offer an enticing, mobile-friendly design along with advanced customization options. Tip: Engage your viewers with beautiful and responsive carousel sliders with media assets arranged into categories and subcategories.

Video Playlist Skins

Your viewers will get high quality online video with rapid download speed with Cincopa’s video playlist skins. And you can customize the video player with playlist according to your needs in many ways, adding logo, watermark, customizing URLs, using transitions…

Background Slider (Videos & Images) Skins

Are you in for a daringly beautiful visual effect? That would be Cincopa’s background slider skins: they display full-screen images and videos behind the main content of the website. By adding background music you can get an amazing result.

Originally published on April 15th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Video Portal

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