Video streaming for online courses

To deliver a great set of online courses you need a powerful, multifunctional tool that will enable an attractive presentation of your content. One can not overestimate the importance of video streaming in e-learning and we understand that very well. With our aid your courses will be available worldwide, cutting the costs of travel and allowing you to educate multiple students in various regions whenever it is needed. Your aim is to find way directly to your learners memory and nothing will do the job better than a clearly cut presentation with quality video streaming.

Towards your expectations comes Cincopa with a video streaming solution that will cater to the most exquisite tastes of online tutors. With the aid of our reliable video plugin your recipients will have a fast and stable access to your content because we manage Cincopa’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) covering the globe, providing the highest delivery speed possible wherever you need it.

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At Cincopa we do not expect our customers to be professional web designers, our solutions are easy to use yet offer wide array options to suit your requirements. Your content will be automatically optimized for all browsers, screens and mobile devices as well as giving you access to Joomla video player and/or Moodle video. Cincopa takes from you the burden of technicalities, allowing you to focus on preparing the right, thoughtful online courses for your recipients. We understand that you may be a specialist in different field than web design and will help you as much as we can. Our support team will assist you with any question or problem you might encounter.

We respect the time of our customers as well as concentration required to learn the presented material, therefore your online video tutorial will remain free from advertisements that would otherwise distract the participants of your e-learning course.

With our My Client Center (MCC) all the administrative work done on your content will be easier than ever.

With our My Client Center (MCC) all the administrative work done on your content will be easier than ever. Friendly navigation and easy ways to optimize and organize your materials will enhance your Cincopa experience. To fulfill your expectations and help you manage and further develop your online courses we give you a full analytical set of reports, showing you what parts of your courses were the most popular and how many viewers seen them.

You will be able to add users to your Cincopa account, set their access level, giving them access to the courses they need. We fully understand that your materials might be of utmost importance to you or your company, therefore we offer a domain lock. You will be able to add users to your Cincopa account, set their access level, giving your learners access to the courses they need.

Of course you may decide otherwise and share your content whenever possible; Cincopa will not stand in your way. Our platform allows you to share your online courses via multiple social channels, email and any HTML or CMS based sites with just a few clicks. You will also decide whether your courses will be downloadable or not.

Just see yourself how easy it is to use our platform:

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Originally published on August 30th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Video streaming for online courses

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