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Create an Effective Business Video Profile with Cincopa to Engage Your Facebook Audience

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Today’s social networking is all about storytelling, where video plays a major role. Facebook, the world’s leading social platform, is proactively shifting to “all video” supremacy, having increased its number of daily video views from 1 to 8 billion in just one year. A brand new Facebook’s app called Lifestage launched on iOS on August 20, 2016 has already generated a lot of buzz as a Snapchat competitor. It allows its users to build gorgeous visual profiles by adding personal videos that help to tell really engaging stories about the things they like. The only disappointing fact about Lifestage is that it’s targeted specifically to US high-schoolers aged between 13 and 21, therefore it has nothing to do with promoting business online.

At Cincopa, we believe that there is a way businesses can use to present themselves effectively on social networks. Our multimedia platform is designed to let you promote your brand through creative content including videos, photos, music, podcasts, and slideshows. By linking video and other multimedia hosted with Cincopa to your Facebook page, you can create a business video profile that will engage your audience and boost your social presence.

Add video portals and multimedia galleries from Cincopa to your Facebook page

Whichever media type you’d like to use to showcase your business, Cinopa has a ready solution. Check out 100+ pre-designed skins with which you can embed videos, images, and audios both to your website and social profiles. You can even combine multiple media into a single beautifully-looking gallery.

Cincopa’s Video Portal solution lets you display multiple videos to your customers in the most user-friendly and creative way.

Just Pin and Share the Post

Once you have created a gallery on Cincopa platform, simply share it to your Facebook page and pin the post to the top. Your visitors will be able to discover a visualized story about your business at the top of the page feed.

Featuring video on your Facebook page is helpful both to deliver your business message and to distribute it across your fans’ social channels as they like, share or comment your media-rich posts.

With Cincopa, creating a professional video profile for your Facebook business page has never been easier!


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Originally published on August 30th, 2016, updated on April 30th, 2019
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Create an Effective Business Video Profile with Cincopa to Engage Your Facebook Audience

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