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Video publishers need an excellent video syndication strategy. There is no point in creating a great video if it doesn’t reach who you want it to reach. Making great videos and smart online video syndication are both critical if you want viewers to not only find their way to your videos but interact with them in a way that’s meaningful to your business.

When you syndicate only to YouTube, you may have a broad reach, but you don’t have full command of your content and revenue. With private video hosting, you can drive traffic back to your website with your videos and have control over your content and revenue.

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Feed syndication:

A feed is a regularly updated stream of content published by one site and picked up by other websites that “subscribe” to it. Feed syndication is the easiest way to distribute streaming and downloadable content. Video players and search engines can subscribe to media feeds. When using a private hosting platform, video catalogs may get delivered to syndication outlets and video search engines. When the feed is updated with new content, the outlet channels automatically receive the new media.

Player syndication:

Cincopa helps companies to build great looking players, which can either be hosted on their site or given to an outlet as an embed-URL, and our unique added value is to provide our user’s analytics tool to track the syndication in different sites, a way to evaluate their different syndicated channels. This allows companies more control over the user experience.

Media syndication:

Media syndication is a way to push your media to channels that usually have their players like OTT devices, social channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Cincopa supports those channels using RSS feeds, JSON feeds and API integration. For some OTT channels like Chromecast, Cincopa supports their native API and offers a connection directly from the player.

Tell your story with the

Power of Video


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