Mobile video and businesses

The smart phone has become undoubtedly prevalent for the general population and an all-in-one asset for the youth. This specific segment has substituted the email for the benefit of instant messaging and on their mobiles they are 12-key-savvy and never really adopted wireless email. And the rest of the population follows.

Will they care about mobile browser? Unlikely. The over 2 billion mobile devices that exist are ready to play video and the users demand internet content, and not in the context of the browser.

And our reality is that people in the streets, buses, offices and parks are viewing video as a new need, impossible to be without.

Business content in mobile devices

Any business that choses to use video to enhance their sites should be aiming to maximize its reach and not confine its content to desktop PCs, especially now that is so easy to share media across the variety of mobile devices and platforms.

Is it really that easy, you might ask? Yes, it is, even for the non-technological business person. There are media platforms that provide automatic video encoding. One of them is Cincopa, which not only offers automatic device detection but also a variety of custom applications and very special skins designed to make web videos viewable, and enjoyable!, on virtually any smart phone or mobile device.

How is it done?

We suggest you embed Cincopa video player on your website in order to make sure your users will be able to view your videos on the mobile version of your site.

All you need to do is upload your videos, create your gallery and publish it. Cincopa takes care of the rest, like making sure they will automatically render properly in any mobile device your visitors use.

Objective: reach maximum audience

To do so, our mobile video player can deal with a variety of mobile handsets with different frame rates, screen resolutions, screen sizes, bit rates, etc., And your mobile website videos can switch between HTML5 and Flash-based technologies, meaning that Cincopa adjusts your streaming media on the go for the best viewing experience.

Originally published on July 4th, 2016, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Mobile video and businesses

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