Why is Video Essential for Customer Support Success?

Videos provide an excellent way to deliver quicker and more effective solutions to customer issues.

Customer Support and customer services are important to deliver satisfied services to clients

Videos can revolutionize the whole customer support process and offer more customer satisfaction which is of paramount importance in today’s competitive environment. 

Customer support in the age of SaaS: Better or worse

Customer support teams are basically the voice of a business.

Customers state that negative experiences with support teams are one of the main reasons for canceling a subscription. With 82% of B2B buyers state that a personalized approach with customer success strengthens their loyalty to a business.

Customers are often willing to pay more for quality support and customer service.

The level of customer support can affect monthly recurring revenue (MRR) as customers may cancel, pause or downgrade a subscription as a result of poor service.

It also affects customer lifetime value (CLV) which is the total amount a customer spends throughout their interactions with a brand. 

What qualifies as good customer support? 

No matter how good the quality of a product, customers will always want to know more about certain features, how to use the product and much more.

Good customer support involves identifying the right channels for communicating with customers, setting up strategies based on customer expectations, keeping cases organized, tracking conversions, analyzing various metrics and automating processes.

What shows there’s room for improvement in customer service?

customer conversion and customer success are important to build a loyal customer base for an organization

Are there many tickets waiting? This can be an important warning sign that there is room for improvement in customer support.

Is the number of tickets increasing? This may be due to a problem with a platform.

Are agents responding quickly enough to customers and what are their average response times? Many customers complain about how long they have to wait for a response. 

Today customers want quick and timely resolution to their problems, preferably in a format that’s easy to digest i.e. video – and not giving them this can be a deal-breaker.

Video can transform customer service considering that many people (68%) would rather watch a video to learn how to use a platform or solve an issue instead of contacting a support team.

Why video is an important factor for customer support success

Video provides an engaging and easy-to-digest way for company personnel to interact with customers.

A customer support team can use videos in a variety of different ways to make the resolution of issues fast, easy, and cost-efficient. Videos can even boost customer retention. 

A video knowledge base

Having a video knowledge base that’s constantly updated means customers can watch a video to answer a question rather than reading the documentation, which may be hard to understand.

For example, a video could be used to walk a user through the account setup process. Customers could refer to a video FAQ to answer basic questions.

Customers and clients would rather find convenient answers in a knowledge base than wait for someone to get back to them.

Resolve support tickets with personalized customer service

When customers have more complex issues, they contact the support team. Video can help here too.

Agents can easily create walkthroughs and demonstrations to resolve more complex issues by using screen recordings like Rectrace. This helps in building a personalized customer support.

Being able to directly record a screen enables customer support to show a user exactly what steps to take. Customer support can show rather than tell with video, which makes video more productive and increases return on investment (ROI). 

Customer onboarding videos

Getting started with a new product or service can be confusing and videos can help.

Customer service can take new users through the startup process and show them how to use some of the best features.

This personalized video interaction cuts down on the number of onboarding tickets. 

Thank you videos

Support team members can reach out to users after support conversations to thank them for their time.

Customer service team can personalize their thank you videos by including the customer’s name and referring to the support request details. 

How video can improve customer service

Customer service agent servicing clients for their onboarding

Video can help a customer service team to answer questions faster.

Videos can reduce tickets by allowing more customers to help themselves and save on support costs as tickets close faster.

Videos can transform the whole customer support process to increase customer satisfaction and drive retention with personalized service. The best customer service videos create a personalized connection with customers and help to build trust. 

How personalized customer service can guide your enterprise to greater growth 

Consumers have so many choices today and personalized customer service can set a company apart. 

Customize the video player

Customizing a video player with a company logo and being able to use brand colors adds to the viewer experience and reinforces the brand image.

Customization is not possible when hosting videos on YouTube and other free video hosting sites.

Personalize videos for the customer journey

Personalized videos can increase conversions, boost landing page sign-ups, improve customer satisfaction and much more. 

Marketing team can create videos that are appropriate for each stage of the customer journey. Explainer videos, for example, work well in the early stages.

How-to or demo videos are more useful in the latter stages of the customer journey. 

The support team can make screen recordings to show customers many things, like how to use certain important features on the platform.

Sales team on the other hand can address customers and look them in the eyes with personalized videos that create an instant connection with them.

Video is more personal than a phone call or text and simply knowing and using a customer’s name in a video can make a difference.

Research shows that major brain activation occurs when a person hears their name. 

Use on-video features that encourage viewing

Annotations, calls-to-action, and chapters are some of the on-video features that can encourage customers to use helpful support videos.

For longer videos guides, subtitles and other additional details also help. Chaptering a video allows users to go directly to the information they want. 

How to learn about your ticketing through video analytics

Video Analytics charts are offered by video hosting sites for enterprises to understand how a video performs for the intended audience

The advanced video analytics found on video hosting platforms can help a customer support team to find out more about customers.

Customer support can see what videos a client watched, what devices and platforms they use, how long did a customer watch a video, and more. 

Having access to video analytics means support agents can review what videos work, what didn’t work, and see where to make improvements.

Customer service team can easily track a viewer’s email address in analytics to see how customers interact with the video content.

For example, if customers consistently access a support video about a certain feature, prioritizing more agent training and content about that feature may be necessary. 

If the videos of one agent manage to lower handling times, analyzing what they’re doing differently could help the whole team. 

How to integrate Zendesk with Cincopa

Video integration can increase your whole customer support system. Integrations with other tools like a CRM or email management system can make workflows much more efficient.

Integrating Cincopa video hosting with Zendesk allows support team agents to easily add videos and other forms of media from a Cincopa account into Zendesk tickets.

The team does not have to leave Zendesk to do this. 

To integrate Cincopa and Zendesk, copy the Cincopa API key from the Cincopa account and then go to the Zendesk plugin installation page.

Paste the API key into the API Token field and save the settings. It’s as simple as that. 

Agents can upload videos directly to a Cincopa account and arrange them into folders (descriptive tags) with digital asset management (DAM).

DAM makes the navigation of a video library easy and customer support team can find the right video to share with a ticket.

The customer service team can use the search bar to search by tag names, titles or descriptions or browse different categories. Clicking on the item they want to embed and choosing the thumbnail size comes next. 

Leverage your video engagements with support ticketing 

Agents can create and share videos and automatically tie them to customer records.

This means that if a customer only watches only a segment of a support video, this triggers a notification to the agent to offer further help.

If a customer watches a video and it resolves an issue, it is easy to provide feedback which automatically closes the support ticket. 

Cincopa: Personalized customer support for your video hosting needs

Using the Cincopa video hosting platform offers many opportunities to personalize customer support, such as using RecTrace, a screen and webcam recorder, to create personal videos.

Support agents can create and share the personalized videos they make in a Zendesk ticket. 

Cincopa’s advanced video analytics, including heatmaps, measure how customers relate to support videos which allow for optimization of content.

Cincopa allows embedding of a video knowledge portal directly onto a company website with video hosting solutions.

Having a self-service video support library can significantly improve customer service. Customer service agents can even insert a video thumbnail directly into an in-app message to engage users. 


Good customer support is regarded so highly today that customers are prepared to pay more for it and it can make them choose one company over another.

Video is an essential part of customer service today as it engages customers more and strengthens their trust and loyalty. Using videos can transform and elevate customer service and increase a company’s return on investment (ROI). 

It is very important for a customer support team to use a video hosting site that enables them to use features of customer service like Zendesk, support ticketing and personalized video screen recorder to achieve their customer success goals.


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Originally published on October 4th, 2023, updated on January 20th, 2024
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Why is Video Essential for Customer Support Success?

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