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Adding Lead Forms To Video

Using Cincopa’s Lead Generation feature, you can capture viewer’s contact information to track their viewing on the Cincopa Analytics as well as send them to your email marketing software and CRM as new subscribers or contacts for the delivery of additional marketing content via drip or marketing automation campaigns.

Adding Forms to your video player

Follow these steps to add a form to your videos:

First, choose a Gallery where you will be adding the form and go to the settings.

To choose a gallery go to cincopa.com and click on Galleries

Lead Generation-Galleries
Lead Generation-Galleries

Now select the Gallery you want to add a form to and then click on the Customize Gallery icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Next click on the toggle button to enable Lead Generation as mentioned in the screenshot below.

After you enable the Lead Generation, you can use the following features that you would like to add in your form.

Timing: The time during the video where you would want the form to appear.

Name: Checking this box, will ask for First Name and Last Name in the form.

Skip: Checking this box, will allow users to skip filling the form and continue with the video.

MailChimp/Constant Contact List: This select option will contain the Mailing List that is available in the Email Provider that you have Connected with.

Button Text: You can enter the text for a button that will allow the form to be submitted and continue to play the video.

Upper Text: The text entered here will be displayed above the form.

Lower Text: The text entered here will be displayed below the form.

Integrations: This section will show the Email Provider you have connected with.

FORM Type: Here you can choose the type of FORM you would like to add.

Once you use those features click on Save & Next

You can then add your gallery to any webpage or even create a Cincopa SharePage. In this example, we created a Cincopa SharePage and as per the settings in Lead Generations, the form appeared 11 seconds after playing the video.


Connecting Video Forms To Your Email Marketing Platform

You can easily set up an email provider, for example, MailChimp or Constant Contact, in the settings which means that every collected lead will be sent to a specific “email list” on your email platform.

To connect your Cincopa account with an email marketing service,

on the profile icon on the top right corner and then click on the Account Dashboard

Lead Generation-Integrations
Lead Generation-Integrations

In the Integration page, you will see two email provider which we can connect with. Simply click on Connect next to the email provider that you have an account with.

In this example we use MailChimp.

Now you will have to log in with your MailChimp username and password

Once you hit login, it will show that Mailchimp is Connected.

The email provider does all the routine work for you. Every lead is saved and sent to a specified email list.

Sending New Leads To Your CRM Using Zapier

Zapier is an online tool that is used to connect two or more apps to automate workflows. With this integration, you can connect your Cincopa account with hundreds of other external services by using Cincopa as the “trigger” or “action.” For example, you can use Zapier to connect a 3rd party landing page service so when a lead is submitted in Cincopa, It is then logged into a Google sheet document so that any new contacts created from that landing page (“trigger”) are automatically added to your google sheet (“action”).

Another useful Cincopa Zap, Especially for teams, Web, and marketing agencies is to be notified via email or Slack on new changes done (New Uploads, New galleries, Deleted Galleries\Assets, Updates on specific Galleries) on the Cincopa accounts they manage as admins, this way they can keep a close watch on what their team or clients are doing in real-time.

Supported Cincopa triggers

A trigger in Zapier is defined as something that happens in an app that you want to be the start of a Zap’s workflow.

The following supported Cincopa triggers are:

  • New Deleted Asset – Triggers when an asset is deleted.
  • New Uploaded Asset – Triggers when a new asset is uploaded.
  • New Gallery – Triggers when a new gallery is created.
  • New Deleted Gallery – Triggers when a gallery is deleted.
  • New File in Folder – Triggers when a new asset is added directly to a specific gallery
  • New File – Triggers when any new asset is added (inside of any folder).
  • Asset Synced – Triggers when the asset and all of its versions are stored on the server and ready to be delivered with the CDN.
  • Gallery Synced – Triggers when the gallery and all of its assets stored on the server and ready to be delivered with the CDN.
  • New Lead –  Triggers when a new lead is created.

In this example, we are going to send a New Lead we received from our Cincopa Gallery to Zoho CRM using Zapier

Configuring Cincopa and Zapier

The following will go over a quick example of how to configure Cincopa on Zapier.

1. Sign in to your Cincopa Account

If you have not already done so, sign up for a Zapier account.

Zapier Signup

Once you have an account with Zapier then Sign in to Zapier and select Make a Zap.

After selecting Make A Zap, enter a name for the Zap

Select the Cincopa APP

Then you will be prompted to select a trigger, so choose New Lead.


Once you choose the trigger, you will need to connect your Cincopa account so click on Sign In to Cincopa

A new popup will appear to enter your Cincopa API Token

Zapier get Cincopa API key

Go to your Cincopa Account Profile section >> API Tokens >> Click “Create new Key

Cincopa Create New API Key

Give the API Key a title, Check the Access you wish to provide and click “CREATE KEY

Cincopa Complet API Creation

Copy the API token

Cincopa Copy API Token

Paste the API token. Click “Yes, Continue“.

Zapier Copy Cincopa API Token

Next click on Continue

Once the Cincopa part is completed, you can then connect Zoho CRM to receive the leads.

Next, choose an action for Zoho CRM when a new lead arrives at Cincopa. Hence select Create Lead

Next, you will be asked to log in to Zoho CRM so click on Sign In to Zoho CRM

Select the Zoho domain you have registered with. In this case, we have registered with Zoho.com

And then click on Continue

Next, you will be asked to select a Layout, we can simply select Standard

Next, you will have to choose how you would like to receive the lead data sent by Cincopa. Follow the settings as shown in the screenshot.

Now we can access a Cincopa gallery with a lead generation form as shown earlier in this article and enter some data to test if the data is been sent to Zoho CRM as we configured it to be.

Now you can log in to your Zoho CRM account to check if you received the test lead we created.

As you can see we have successfully received the test data we sent through the Cincopa form.


Sending New Leads To Slack

With Cincopa, now it is possible to get Instant Notifications about the leads generated by the Media Content, by integrating Cincopa with Slack.

You can easily install the Cincopa app to your Slack workspace and get instant notifications to a selected Slack channel.

By integrating Slack within your Cincopa account it is possible to receive the following instant notification:

  • When multimedia assets are uploaded to your Cincopa storage or deleted from your account;
  • When new galleries are created, changed or deleted;
  • Reports from Cincopa Video Analytics;
  • Changes in your Cincopa account;
  • Updates from team members managing your assets or galleries;
  • When new leads are saved and other marketing notifications.

Benefits of Integrating Slack in Cincopa:

  • Quick integration with your Slack workspace
  • Get instant notifications from your assets, galleries, account, team members, video analytics, and leads
  • Receive notifications to the Slack channel you choose
  • Simple setup and easy customization
  • Simple setup and easy customization
  • Control your workflow from a mobile device

Configuring Cincopa and Slack

Let’s look into this in detail and understand the steps you need to perform in order to configure Cincopa with Slack:

From your Cincopa account click on the Profile option on the top right corner and then click on Integrations

Lead Generation-Integrations
Lead Generation-Integrations

Next to integrate your slack account with Cincopa click on Connect next to slack as shown in the screenshot below.

Next click on Choose a channel to tell your Cincopa account where you would like to receive the notifications in Slack.

Once you choose the Slack channel, click on Allow.

You can now see that your Slack account is configured with your Cincopa Account.

Next, we can access a Cincopa gallery with a lead generation form as shown earlier in this article and enter some data to test if the data is been sent to your Slack account as we configured it to be.

You should now be able to see the lead data sent from your Cincopa Video on your Slack Channel.


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