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Video Moneytization – Pre/Mid/Post Roll Ads

Adding VAST ads to your Cincopa videos provides you with the ability to monetize your content.

VAST ads can be enabled at any time from the gallery editor for accounts utilizing the “Corporate” plan and above.

Cincopa WordPress plugin

Log into your Cincopa Account  or  Sign up for a new Cincopa Account

If you have not created a gallery as of yet, follow this link to discover how to create a Cincopa Gallery

Make sure that you selected a gallery template that supports VAST integration, for example:

  • Photon Video Player
  • Video with horizontal playlist
  • Video Academy Template

Go to “Galleries” and select the ‘settings‘ icon under the gallery that you would like to use with VAST ads.

On the “Customize” page, scroll down to the bottom of the options list and expand the ‘Monetize’ tab.

The VAST integration option will appear below.

Enable VAST Video Ads by moving the slider to the right and paste the link to the VAST XML file into the corresponding field.

If you want to display VAST ads with .flv videos you can opt to use a flash player.


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