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What is traffic? How is traffic calculated?

What is Traffic?

Traffic is the amount of data sent and received by online users.

Traffic is based on the times the visitor watches the image gallery or video, listens to the audio, and downloads the content.

Every time a visitor presses play on your video, audio, or image gallery for the first time*, data gets passed from Cincopa’s servers to visitors browsers, which is counted as traffic.


What is counted as a Traffic and can use all of it in one day?

Additional items that also count towards your monthly traffic usage are:

  • uploading video, audio, and images to the Cincopa platform
  • your own internal views of the video, audio, and images on the Cincopa platform
  • downloading** of the video, audio, or image files from the Cincopa platform
  • Google re-index your page will also crawl all your media



 *  Every time a “New” visitor watches the gallery created by the Cincopa user, the traffic used for that “First” time is taken out of the Cincopa user’s account.  Every time the user will watch the gallery again, it will load from the page’s cache (unless the cache has been cleared) and not from the traffic of the Cincopa user.

 ** Please notice that downloading the original size file will use more traffic (same as the original file size) than the downloading of a re-sized file. Learn more about download settings functionality

How is traffic calculated?

Traffic usage is related to the number of files/images and to the length of your video.
The longer your video is, the higher the traffic.
If we would like to explain it mathematically then it would be:
  • Video file: The original size of your video file divided by 12* multiply the number views, it is about 10MB for each actual minute that the user watched for the first time.
  • Audio file: The original size of your audio file multiply the number of times it was played,  it is usually about 1MB for every minute of play
  • Image gallery: 1GB traffic for a gallery with 10 images (high res) for every 1000 views. This statistic is valid when the gallery is above the fold, if the gallery is bellow the fold this number can drop dramatically, also if an image is not high res (as customary in most sites) this number can drop by 70%. This is difficult to estimate and will require testing.
* 12 is an avg in video compression and may vary between 1 to 20.
** Creating the “Auto Start” video increases traffic usage.  Learn more about Autoplay functionality

How to predict traffic usage?

Estimating the traffic amount your account will need is not an easy task, there are many factors involved.

The best practice is to let your account run for a few days and monitor your traffic usage via your Account Dashboard page.

The chart is showing how much traffic your site consumes each day, multiply it by 31 days and you have a reasonable estimate of your monthly traffic usage.

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