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Add a Music Player to Your Drupal Site

Websites and blogs owners tend to focus on the graphic side of their user interface and to neglect other basic factors, which deeply influence the human mind. Verbal communication, rhythm, and music are powerful vocal stimulations, which can be used efficiently, in order to capture visitors' attention and to create rich and interactive presentations for webpages.

Cincopa media platform has created the perfect feature to help you create, embed and manage your own Drupal audio player. The procedure involved is fast, simple, and free; it includes a wide variety of audio players' shapes and options without compromising the quality and download speed of your files.

How to embed Drupal Music into Your Webpages

Cincopa Drupal music module allows you to control your audio presentations with ease. The creating and embedding procedure requires no Drupal or programming skills, and you should not even bother yourself with technical issues such as hosting space and delivery bandwidth. All you need to do is select your files, choose the suitable skin, menus, images and timing, and decide upon the desired location for your Drupal audio player. The entire process can be completed within a few minutes.

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1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website (you will need to download a module)

Select an Audio Player Skin

Cincopa offers 6 different skins for your Drupal audio player. Check out different skin sizes and styles, decide which playlists and menus you would like to include and preview the players in a separate window. You may add album art or other images; authorize or restrict visitors from downloading your Drupal music, and return to modify your choices at any given time.


Upload files

Upload multiple audio files into your Cincopa cloud drive and arrange your folders. You may upload raw files of any size and Cincopa application will automatically convert and compress them to ensure the highest quality and speed with no stuttering and delays. Cincopa multimedia platform allows you to upload files from a URL.


Embed the simple code generated by Cincopa

Cincopa provides you with a suitable Input filter, which you need to embed into any node on your Drupal site. Remember to install the Cincopa Drupal audio module before you implement the simple code.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.

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Why Embed a Drupal Slideshow in Your Posts?

Adding a Drupal image slideshow to your web pages will not only reinforce the written massage, but will also enhance interaction with your audience and bring users to return for another visit. Slideshows have an important SEO value as well, thanks to the additional Meta tags content and to the common use of image search engines.

Unlike a single picture, amazing as it may be, image slideshow displays cause users to stay longer and pay closer attention to the site content. They also provide you with an abundance of presentation options and allow you to combine audio and video files.

Why Should You Use the Cincopa's Drupal Audio Player?

Cincopa Drupal audio players allow you to capture not only your visitors' eyes, but also their ears. Creating Drupal music through Cincopa platform grants you with many different options regarding the flash skin appearance and functionality. You may choose a simple player or more complex ones that include playlists, menus, images or album art.
Cincopa application enables you to upload flash, mp3, wav, m4a and wma files and to embed them anywhere on your Drupal site. Premium upgrades, which are available in very reasonable prices, provide you with more features such as removing the Cincopa branding, autoplay, loop, repeat etc.
Cincopa application provides ultimate protection for your files, and at the same time, allows you to decide whether or not you want to share your audio files through download or by using a link that visitors can link back to and share with their friends. This way you do not only create an interaction with your users, but you also enhance your site SEO. Search engines index your audio player titles, descriptions and surrounding content and they especially appreciate music sharing websites, due to the growing market demand. With the Cincopa Drupal audio player, you can access, upload and modify files from any computer or mobile device synchronized to your Cincopa cloud drive .

Drupal Music Player Module Installation

Cincopa's Drupal music player module is available for free at the Drupal website. The process is easy and fast and does not require any prior technical knowledge. A further assistant with the installation procedure can be found at the Cincopa help section, in the article, 'How to Install the Drupal Module'

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