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Embed a Slideshow in WordPress

Turn your WordPress blog into a rich, multi-media experience for your users by embedding a photo or video slideshow directly into your blog posts or web pages. A WordPress slideshow plugin embedding is simple. Most are free to use or very inexpensive.


Take a Look at Our Slideshow Skins

  • Responsive jquery slider with video

    Responsive jquery slider with video

    Responsive jQuery slider with video, easy to manage, customizable, with fade or slide option
  • Responsive jquery slider

    Responsive jquery slider

    Responsive jQuery slideshow, mobile friendly with large and elegant display and efficient navigation tools
  • 3dslicebox


    Amazing, innovative 3D slicebox image slider, with scalable animation speed and determinable number of slices
  • Wow Slider

    Wow Slider

    Responsive slider with thrilling 3D visual effects, fully customizable with thumbnails display
  • Responsive Layer Slider

    Responsive Layer Slider

    Layer slider, responsive, easy and quick to establish with full width slider
  • Simple responsive slideshow

    Simple responsive slideshow

    Responsive Lightbox slideshow, allowing display of both images and videos with clean appearance
  • Responsive slider with labels

    Responsive slider with labels

    Responsive slider with description box for attracting attention and providing details of displayed material
  • Full screen website background photo slideshow

    Full screen website background photo slideshow

    Full screen website background photo slideshow, functional, with many options one or multiple background photos
  • Responsive nivo slider

    Responsive nivo slider

    Nivo slider, responsive, multiple slide options, elegant with focus on content
  • Roundabout slider

    Roundabout slider

    Intriguing and efficient rundabout slider, three images on each round of display
  • Image list with LightBox

    Image list with LightBox

    Image list with LightBox, fast and easy to create with no space or bandwith limitations
  • Smooth Gallery - Large (600x450)

    Smooth Gallery - Large (600x450)

    Smooth carousel loader with large slider and thumbnails slip above display
  • Plain rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Plain rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Lightbox jQuery, very efficient, small (200x180) rotating image gallery with hover over control panel
  • Shuffle rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Shuffle rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Lightbox jQuery rotating shuffle gallery with interesting rotation mechanism and small size (200x180)
  • Cover rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Cover rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Lightbox jQuery cover rotating image gallery with simple control panel and small size (200x180)
  • Plain rotation only thumbs - Small (200x180)

    Plain rotation only thumbs - Small (200x180)

    jQuery Thumbnail small (200x180) rotating image gallery with minimalistic approach and content not controlled by viewer
  • Plain rotation - Large (600x450)

    Plain rotation - Large (600x450)

    jQuery rotating image gallery with stimulating interaction with viewer hover over interface
  • TiltViewer - (800x400)

    TiltViewer - (800x400)

    Flash tilt shift gallery, dynamic layout with flipping thumbnail photos and cooliris view
  • AutoViewer - (800x400)

    AutoViewer - (800x400)

    Flash Autoviewer image slider with large images (800x400) and classic slideshow design
  • Postcard Viewer - (800x400)

    Postcard Viewer - (800x400)

    Postcard viewer Flash photo gallery, classic postcard collection viewing experience, cooliris view

You can easily customize the skin using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

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1Choose one of our awesome skins

Over 100 skins to choose from including Cooliris 3D, Lightbox, Flash, and more. Customize your personal options, and preview it in a separate window. Try on different skins to fit your theme.

2Upload your media to Cincopa

Upload multiple files to your "cloud" drive at once, and drag and drop them into your customized folders. View them later from any device. Cincopa handles the automatic transcoding and conversion of all your raw video files and the automatic resizing of your photos.

3Get a simple code and embed on your WordPress website (you will need to download a plugin)

Add files to your WordPress slideshow, and Cincopa will automatically generate the necessary code for you to place it anywhere on the web. Plugs into any CMS back-end, any plain HTML site, and even works as an RSS feed.

Embed a Slideshow in WordPress

Turn your WordPress blog into a rich, multi-media experience for your users by embedding a photo or video slideshow directly into your blog posts or web pages. A WordPress slideshow plugin embedding is simple. Most are free to use or very inexpensive.

Why Embed a WordPress Slideshow in Your Blog Posts?

Adding image slideshows to your WordPress blog posts and pages is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your site, improve the "stickiness" of your blog, and provide your users with content the typical blog simply doesn't have. Posting a stunning, captioned photo or video slideshow on your blog can inspire more comments and generate further interest.

What's the Difference Between a Slideshow Gallery and a Photo Album?

An image slideshow is more than a photo album. It is a highly stylized, interactive media presentation offering multiple display options and a large degree of control over the management and presentation of your image and video files. The Cincopa slideshow plugin for WordPress allows you to create mixed media slideshows, which means you can incorporate audio into your slideshows in addition to images and videos (or all three!).

How to Embed the Cincopa WordPress Slideshow Plugin

The Cincopa slideshow plugin for WordPress is incredibly simple to install and use. It is available for direct download and automatic install from the wordpress.org plugins directory. You can also download the .zip file and upload it to your "wp-content/plugins/" folder manually. Once installed, activate the plugin from your WordPress administration panel and you're good to go. The plugin settings panel allows you to create, edit, and browse slideshow galleries with ease. Embedding slideshows into your posts and pages is even easier. When editing or creating any blog post or page, simply click the post media button icon above the post text box that will insert your slideshow with the shortcode [cincopa slideshowID#]. It's that simple. You can also create an RSS feed of your slideshows, embed slideshow in a sidebar widget, embed slideshow anywhere in your template, or generate the HTML code to copy, paste and publish your slideshow plugin absolutely anywhere on the web including email!

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.

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How to Choose a Slideshow Style

Several options exist for WordPress slideshow such as:

All options include multiple skins, transitions, menus and more. The slideshow plugin is free, and our totally free membership package includes more than enough space and bandwidth to accommodate any personal or small business blog -- yes, totally free. Premium upgrades and add-ons are available at reasonable rates. A 14-day free-trial package is also available. Cincopa's WordPress slideshow plugin uses the powerful Cincopa platform, a content distribution network (CDN) which makes the uploading, organizing, hosting and delivery of all your media files fast and simple. You can upload your files via our simple web interface, from our desktop agent, or even remotely from your mobile device. What this means is that the only pressing decision you will have to make when choosing Wordpress slideshow is: how visually stunning would you like your slideshow to be?

Flash Slideshow

Flash slideshows are certainly eye-catching and can give any website a highly professional look and feel. For this reason they are extremely popular around the web. Creating flash slideshows with Cincopa's slideshow wizard is as simple as three-step process can be. No programming or Flash skills are required. Just upload your files, choose from options such as size, orientation, shuffle, loop, autoplay and more. Paste the code you are given wherever you would like the slideshow to appear in your post or page.

3D and Carousel Slideshow

The Cooliris browser plugin allows you to view your slideshows on infinite "3D wall"without clicking page to page. Cooliris is a fast and stunning way to browse photos and videos - tilt, rotate, and browse carousel-style any media stream that you'll create. See all of our slideshow demos below.

Lightbox is one of the most popular ways to display photos, videos, and other content on the web. Customizable options such as color, size, transition, and overlay (pop ups) allow your slideshows to practically jump off the page. Described as lightweight and elegant, a slideshow which uses the Lightbox technology definitely stands out above other, less dynamic slideshow galleries.

Content and Video Slideshow

With the Cincopa slideshow plugin for WordPress you have full control over the display of your content and videos. Choose to offer your content for download, or protect them. Autoplay videos in succession, or include an interactive menu. Autostart when the page is loaded, annotate, it's up to you. Synchronize any desktop or mobile device to your Cincopa account, upload your files to the "cloud" drive, and create your slideshow.

Thumbnail Menu Slideshow

Display any list of thumbnails with a navigation menu to showcase your photos and videos. Control the size of your thumbnails and previews automatically. Scroll, shuffle, zoom, view in any order, or view in full-screen.

Transitions and Scrolling

The variety of transitions and scrolling options available for your slideshow will add flair and elegance to your presentations. Again, this is one of the reasons why a dynamic, interactive slideshow gallery is more engaging than a mere photo album. Some of the more popular transitions are dissolve, fade to, drop, spin, zoom, push, cover, reveal, squeeze, pivot.

Cincopa's Slideshow WordPress Plugin

The Cincopa slideshow plugin for WordPress is free and easy to use. It is also extremely popular and gets high marks for all its bells and whistles. Check out the following statistics, demos, and reviews, and see for yourself why it so often shows up at the top of so many top ten lists describing the best and most downloaded plugins within the WordPress community (and elsewhere).

The Cincopa Plugin on WordPress

Question: just how popular is our slideshow plugin on WordPress? Answer: more than 400,000 downloads and counting! Our latest version averages more than 1,500 downloads per day and receives 4 out of 5 stars from the WordPress community for its beauty, simplicity, and ease of use. With so many users, this is an extreme vote of confidence, and there is every chance in the world that you will be just as pleased with the matchless elegance and functionality of your Cincopa slideshows and galleries.

More Media Plugins for WordPress

The Cincopa suite of products is your complete multimedia solution for embedding music, videos, podcasts, and photos on your website or blog (or anywhere on the web!)

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