Embed an Audio Plugin in Your WordPress Blog

Embedding WordPress audio player in your blog is a fairly simple process with the use of Cincopa Wordpress Audio plugin. Audio bloggers, musicians, and music lovers alike can quickly and easily add Flash, mp3, wav, m4a, wma audio players anywhere in their posts and pages by installing WordPress audio player plugin available from the wordpress.org plugins directory. Add a simple music player, or add images and playlists to give your listeners more options. There are several free and premium options available from Cincopa Wordpress audio player plugin, but whichever plugin you choose should fit your needs without having to compromise your wants. With the sheer number of audio player options available any blogger should be able to find the right one for their needs.

How it works Learn More

1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your WordPress website (you will need to download a plugin)

Choose your WordPress audio player skin

Choose on of our awesome audio skins, customize your personal options, and preview it in a separate window. Try on different skins to fit your theme.



Upload multiple files to your "cloud" drive at once, and drag and drop them into your customized folders. View them later from any device. Cincopa handles the automatic transcoding and conversion of all your media.



Add files to your audio player, and Cincopa will automatically generate the necessary code for you to place it anywhere on the web. Plugs into any CMS back-end, any plain HTML site, and even works as an RSS feed.

Embed WordPress Audio Player Plugin in Your Blog

WordPress Audio Player Plugin - The Free Way to Embed Audio and MP3 Files

Try out several audio plugin skins before deciding to upgrade. Most free plugins provide enough capability to embed .mp3/wav/m4a/wma files anywhere on your blog with ease. If you find there is an option you simply must have, and you are willing to pay for it, first find out if there are any free plugins offering the same options as part of a free package. Different plugins will offer different bundles of audio player options, capabilities, and skins, so look around and choose the best skin that fits your requirements.

Audio Players Increase the Number of Links and Comments in Your WordPress Blog

Give your listening audience something to think about, to talk about, a reason to interact, and perhaps a reason to return or to send referrals. Adding an audio player plugin to your blog can only increase interest in your posts and add value to the overall quality of your blog. Offer a link to your .mp3 files so people can link back and share your files with their friends.

Link popularity is one of things Google will look at when calculating your PageRank as well as any text surrounding the audio file (including comments). So remember that embedding audio in your posts does more than just give your users something to talk about, it also provides information to the search engines and can be optimized with relevant titles, descriptions and surrounding text.

Audio Players Plugin Can Bring Search Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

Still not sure if you want to share music and other audio files on your WordPress blog? "Music sharing websites" is a "breakout" search term on Google, according to Google Insights. This means that the term has experienced a change in growth greater than 5000% in the previous three years. It also means that more and more people are searching for music on the web. "WordPress audio plugin" is also a breakout search term, which means that more and more WordPress users are embedding audio plugins into their websites to accommodate those searchers. You should, too.

Cincopa's WordPress Audio Player Plugin

Cincopa's WordPress audio player plugin has everything you could possibly need when it comes to embedding .mp3 files on your website. If you have used any other WordPress plugins, then you know how simple they can be to install and activate. Simply download the .zip file from our website or from the WordPress plugin directory, and upload it it to your 'wp-content/plugins/' folder. Activate it from your WordPress administration panel, and you're all set. You can upload files, choose your options, and create your audio player directly in WP, on our website, or right from your desktop using our desktop media agent.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.

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Cincopa's Audio Plugin on WordPress

The Cincopa WordPress music player plugin has been downloaded over 750,000 times since it was developed only two years ago. Thousands more are downloading it every day. It's never been easier to add music to your website, and it works with any version of WordPress. Embed your media directly into your pages or posts with the click of a button. When you upload your files to the Cincopa "cloud" they will be hosted on our servers and accessible from any device, including your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. Our free version of WordPress audio plugin offers plenty of space and bandwidth to satisfy most bloggers, but premium upgrades are available at very low cost if you need more.

Cincopa's Audio Player Plugin Features:

  • 7 audio player skins (templates) to choose from!
  • set the width and height of your audio player
  • add menus, playlists, album art, or your own images to your playlists
  • customize your audio player with your own style sheet, or use the default styles
  • choose autostart and set the volume level to let your audio player begin playing on page load
  • allow visitors to your blog to download your files
  • tools to access the Cincopa cloud drive from any device
  • automatic conversion to .mp3 if your original file is in another format
  • remote access from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any other mobile device or PDA
  • embed your audio player in any page or post with the click of a button with shortcodes
  • web application generates HTML code for you to place your audio player plugin on any website, anywhere, easily!

More Media Plugins for WordPress

The Cincopa suite of products is your complete multimedia solution for embedding music, videos, podcasts, and photos on your website or blog (or anywhere on the web!)

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