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The expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words" is not just a cliché. There is almost nothing more captivating then spectacular images that appear one after another, right in front of the viewer eyes. Even if your blog posts offer quality and unique content, a Drupal image slideshow, will surely enhance the interest of web visitors, who tend to be a tough and impatient audience.

Cincopa Drupal modules together with the image slideshow application enable you to create customized displays, embedded into any of your Drupal pages. The slideshow may also include video and audio files and grant users with a rich and pleasurable experience. The Drupal slideshow module is free and requires a very brief procedure, with no programming knowledge involved.

Check Out the Diverse Skins of Cincopa Drupal Slideshow

How to Create a Drupal Slideshow Gallery

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1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website (you will need to download a module)

Choose a Slideshow skin

Cincopa offers over 40 different slideshow skins. Choose a skin, set the basic attributes and preview on another window. You may try as many skins as you want before making a final decision.


Upload Images and media files

Upload multiple media files into your Cincopa "cloud" drive and arrange them in your folders. Cincopa application will automatically convert, resize and compress your images and videos to allow the best quality and highest speed.


Embed the Cincopa generated code

Cincopa will provide you with an Input filter to embed into your Drupal pages. Note that before implementing the code you must first download the Cincopa Drupal module.

Cincopa Drupal slideshow module is free to use and may be installed at Drupal site. View Cincopa help page: 'How to Install the Drupal Module' for step-by-step instructions.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.

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Why Embed a Drupal Slideshow in Your Posts?

Adding a Drupal image slideshow to your web pages will not only reinforce the written massage, but will also enhance interaction with your audience and bring users to return for another visit. Slideshows have an important SEO value as well, thanks to the additional Meta tags content and to the common use of image search engines.

Unlike a single picture, amazing as it may be, image slideshow displays cause users to stay longer and pay closer attention to the site content. They also provide you with an abundance of presentation options and allow you to combine audio and video files.

Why Use Cincopa's Drupal Slideshow?

Cincopa Drupal module is a great add-on that opens numerous presentation possibilities. The bandwidth and storage that are granted by Cincopa for free are more than enough for blogs and small businesses; however, professional upgrades are available in a fair price and free trial period. Cincopa offers over 40 engaging Drupal image slideshow skins and plenty of transitions, scrolling, menus and styles options. You get a full control over the slideshow appearance, functionality and content.

Cincopa application automatically performs all transcoding and image resizing to ensure your amazing Drupal slideshow will look at it best in all mobile devices. Our advanced security systems guarantee your media privacy, although you do have the option to authorize users to download files. Cincopa uses dedicated servers to manage your hosting, backups and reports. Thanks to the cloud computing techniques you get to access your files from any device, anywhere.

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