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Drupal Image Gallery

Impress Your Visitors with a Stunning Drupal Photo Gallery Site

High quality, interesting content, user-friendly interface, and great products are all very important assets, if you try to generate traffic to your website or blog. However, adding an artistic, visual touch, in the shape of an image gallery, for Drupal-based sites, is a great way to capture your visitors' attention, making them stay a little bit longer than average.

Install the Cincopa Drupal gallery module for free, and enjoy the freedom to create, modify, manage and upload your own Drupal photo gallery, embedding it wherever you wish it to be displayed. Embedding the gallery into your Drupal pages, using Cincopa simple wizard, is a super fast and easy process. It will not only save you a lot of time and energy but will grant you with numerous styles, shapes and extra features and tools such as menus and transitions.


heck Out the Skins and Demos for Your Drupal Image Gallery:

  • Responsive imagelist

    Responsive imagelist

    Unique, responsive and fully customizable image gallery with touch screen support
  • Image list with LightBox

    Image list with LightBox

    Image list with LightBox, fast and easy to create with no space or bandwith limitations
  • Smooth Gallery - Large (600x450)

    Smooth Gallery - Large (600x450)

    Smooth carousel loader with large slider and thumbnails slip above display
  • Plain rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Plain rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Lightbox jQuery, very efficient, small (200x180) rotating image gallery with hover over control panel
  • Shuffle rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Shuffle rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Lightbox jQuery rotating shuffle gallery with interesting rotation mechanism and small size (200x180)
  • Cover rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Cover rotation with LightBox - Small (200x180)

    Lightbox jQuery cover rotating image gallery with simple control panel and small size (200x180)
  • Plain rotation only thumbs - Small (200x180)

    Plain rotation only thumbs - Small (200x180)

    jQuery Thumbnail small (200x180) rotating image gallery with minimalistic approach and content not controlled by viewer
  • Plain rotation - Large (600x450)

    Plain rotation - Large (600x450)

    jQuery rotating image gallery with stimulating interaction with viewer hover over interface
  • TiltViewer - (800x400)

    TiltViewer - (800x400)

    Flash tilt shift gallery, dynamic layout with flipping thumbnail photos and cooliris view
  • AutoViewer - (800x400)

    AutoViewer - (800x400)

    Flash Autoviewer image slider with large images (800x400) and classic slideshow design
  • Postcard Viewer - (800x400)

    Postcard Viewer - (800x400)

    Postcard viewer Flash photo gallery, classic postcard collection viewing experience, cooliris view

You can easily customize the skin using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

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How to Create a Drupal Photo Gallery

Embedding a Drupal photo gallery in your pages with Cincopa application is easier than you might have imagined. Start by signing up for a free Cincopa account and follow the simple 3-steps procedure, specified bellow:

1Choose Your Favorite Drupal Image Gallery skin

Cincopa media platform offers you dozens attractive skins. Try different skins and preview them in a separate window to make sure you are satisfied with the one you choose.

2Upload Multiple Image files

You may upload as many photos as you like to your Cincopa cloud drive, then customize your options. Cincopa application automatically converts and resizes your image files to allow scalability, great quality and highest speed. Your Drupal image gallery will be available for ideal view from any computer or mobile device.

3Embed the Cincopa generated code

Embed the Cincopa Generated codeDrupal website.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


Embed the Cincopa Generated code

The Drupal photo galleries, created by Cincopa media platform have many advantages over the common images lists.

Unlike a single picture, amazing as it may be, image slideshow displays cause users to stay longer and pay closer attention to the site content. They also provide you with an abundance of presentation options and allow you to combine audio and video files.

  1. A visual impact - the great looking skins and the customization options that come with Cincopa's Drupal image galleries create an interesting and enjoyable user experience you cannot produce by a simple list of photos. Drupal image galleries are perfect for visual artists and photo bloggers presentations.
  2. Saving - save your time, energy and money. Creating and embedding photo galleries via Cincopa application is faster and much easier than the doing it manually. You need no programming skills; you get an abundance of skins and customization options, and it is all for free, including the galleries hosting and delivery.
  3. Security - your media files are totally secured by Cincopa's dedicated servers and CDN system. You are the one to decide whether you allow users to download your files or keep them protected.
  4. Increase your pages traffic - a Drupal photo gallery enhances your SEO, and even more importantly generates an interaction with your users. Attractive slideshows and galleries stimulate discussions, comments and feelings, which generate more interest and returning traffic.
  5. Multiple Files - you may upload numerous images from your private computer or straight from your Picasa and Flicker accounts.
  6. Unique Presentations - Cincopa multimedia platform enables you to create your own special displays, using the many different styles (flash, Cooliris 3D, Lightbox) shapes (slideshow, thumbnail menus) and customization options (transitions and scrolling options).
  7. Free Drupal Gallery Module - installing the Cincopa's Drupal gallery module is a free, fast and easy one-time procedure. The module is available for download at the Drupal website, and step-by-step instructions can be found at the, 'How to Install the Drupal Module', article.
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