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Drupal Podcast

Add a Podcast to your Drupal Site and Enjoy Many Associated Benefits

Podcast is a great rich media tool that enables sites and blogs owners to easily deliver audio and video content presentations. Podcast, unlike common Drupal video and audio modules, allow subscribed users to stay in tune with all updates without having to make any new searches. It does not only add visual attraction, SEO benefits and added content value, but it also grants the site managers with the option of interacting with their visitors through lectures, tutorials, music, radio programs etc., on a regular basis.

Cincopa's Drupal podcast module is state of the art software. It is extremely easy and fast to use and manage, fully documented and well supported.


Cincopa's Attractive Podcast Skins and Demos

Podcast Skins

Cincopa’s fully-functional podcast skins offer much more than just an audio player. Publish your content directly to iTunes and other platforms using RSS, allow your users to subscribe to your podcast from your site using those skins. With their advanced features, not only can you design and publish podcasts with visually appealing, mobile-friendly design, but also you will get sufficient exposure, traffic and virality. Build a totally unique online presence for your content - make a strong association with your brand, add beautiful cover art, adjust colors and create exclusive style with custom CSS.

  • Podcast - Big (600x500)

    Podcast - Big (600x500)

    Large (600x500) podcast player, SEO and mobile friendly, with build-in social media icons, full scalability
  • Podcast Feed for iTunes, Android and more

    Podcast Feed for iTunes, Android and more

    Podcast Feed for iTunes

You can easily customize the skin using the advanced settings or with CSS edit.

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How to embed Drupal Music into Your Webpages

Cincopa Drupal music module allows you to control your audio presentations with ease. The creating and embedding procedure requires no Drupal or programming skills, and you should not even bother yourself with technical issues such as hosting space and delivery bandwidth. All you need to do is select your files, choose the suitable skin, menus, images and timing, and decide upon the desired location for your Drupal audio player. The entire process can be completed within a few minutes.

1Select one of the podcast skins

Try a few of the 7 available skins, customize your options and preview in a different window to make sure you are happy with your choice.

2Upload your podcast player files

Upload multiple files into Cincopa's cloud drive and arrange them in your customized folders. Cincopa application automatically manages the conversions and transcoding of your podcast files ensuring high quality and speed. Modifications and updates can be easily performed at any time.

3Embed the Cincopa's generated code

Cincopa generates an appropriate Input filter to embed anywhere in your site, or to be used as an RSS feed. Before completing this last stage, make sure you have installed Cincopa Drupal podcast module.

Cincopa is the most complete multimedia platform.


How can you benefit from a podcast presentation?

Having a podcast on your site or blog is creating a win-win situation for both you and your users. Podcasts are very much like broadcasts only they can be approached over and over again and may be downloaded from any computer or portable device. Users may control the podcast and use features such as rewind, stop and pause.

Users, who subscribe to your podcast, will never have to search for new content uploads; instead, they will instantly get your updates straight to the device in use.

Embedding a podcast into your Drupal site enhances your site SEO in more than one way. It lures visitors to stay longer at your page, to comment on your content and to come back for more. Your SEO also benefits from the additional content and tags and from the extra traffic directed to you from "podcast" focused searches.

The podcast market is progressing continuously. There are already more than a few websites that are used as podcasts libraries, like the famous iTunes site. Make sure to list your podcast in one or more of these sites; it will not only create a wide interest at your podcast but will also generate more traffic to your site.

Cincopa's Drupal Podcast Features:

  1. 7 different podcast player skins
  2. Customization options such as player size, color, autostart etc.
  3. Enables a direct download from site
  4. Remote access
  5. Images, album art, menus and playlist may be added
  6. API for developers
  7. Advanced security system
  8. Reliable and fast hosting and delivery services
  9. Free and premium packs

Cincopa's Drupal Podcast Features:

In order to embed your new Drupal podcast into your pages, you must first install the Cincopa Drupal module. The friendly all-in-one module is available at the Drupal website.

The installation process, just like the 3-step procedure, listed above, requires no special skills. Nevertheless, if you feel you need extra guidance, follow the detailed instructions on Cincopa's help section 'How to Install the Drupal Module'

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