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Enhance Your Site by Adding HTML5 Slideshow

Adding an HTML5 image slideshow to your site enables users to browse through multiple photos without wasting much of your page space. Cincopa's HTML5 photo slideshow may be displayed in various designs, layouts and sizes at your choice; however, it does not serve merely as an appearance booster but also enhances your website SEO, traffic and user experience. Cincopa HTML5 slideshow widgets are easy and fast to create and very simple to manage. Cincopa uses advanced software that enables you a remote access to your galleries, full mobile compatibility and unlimited files upload from almost any web source.

Let your visitors enjoy an attractive and engaging rich media presentations that will promote discussions and increase the time spend on page. You do not have to worry about technical issues since the app uses high security measures and automatically performs photo resize, conversions and so forth

How it works

1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website

Choose skin

Each skin you choose allows you to customize basic attributes such as size, control bar location, shuffle, auto-play and so forth. You may set your options and preview any of the available skins, before making your final decision.


Upload files

Upload as many files as you desire and organize them into your folders. Cincopa will be in charge for automatically converting and transcoding your video and audio files, as well as resizing your photos to suit the different devices. Similarly, you may add or omit video, audio and images files or change skin, at any given moment.


Embed code

Cincopa will provide you with the appropriate code to embed into your site. All you have to do, assuming you have downloaded the required extension (plugin, module etc.), is choose the method your destination site works with (specific CMS, HTML etc.), copy the code given to you and embed it, wherever you want to display it on the internet.

Why Use Cincopa HTML5 Slideshow Creator?

Cincopa reliable platform grants you with a full media kit that covers any aspect of your HTML5 slideshow; moreover, via a click on a button Cincopa allows you to use the HTML5 image slideshow on any other major CMS based site as well as send it by mail or post it through numerous social networks.

In addition to the diverse skin selection and multiple customization options, Cincopa provides you with generous free hosting and delivery services that satisfy the needs of most blogs and small sites. It also uses advanced security measures and dedicated servers that guarantee high end performance.

HTML5 Slideshow Main Features:

  1. Compatible with all major browsers
  2. Remote access
  3. CDN
  4. Unlimited to your server quota
  5. Multiple skins
  6. Automatic conversions and photo resizing
  7. Advanced security (decide who can download your files)
  8. Backups and reports
  9. SEO optimized
  10. Highly customizable
  11. Free hosting and delivery (up to 400MB of storage and 200MB bandwidth per month)

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