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Embedding an audio player in your Joomla! website or blog is a fairly simple process with the Cincopa Audio Player Plugin for Joomla Podcasters, audio bloggers, and music lovers alike can quickly and easily add .mp3 players anywhere in their site. Add a simple player with album art and basic controls, or add your own images, menus, and playlists. Cincopa supports all audio formats like .mp3 .wav, .m4a etc. but can automatically convert your files to .mp3 if needed. Create your Joomla music player and upload files from any device including your iPhone, iPad, PDA or most other mobile devices.

The Joomla MP3 Player Module is Absolutely Free

The Cincopa Joomla music module is absolutely free and comes with plenty of storage space for your audio files and enough bandwidth to handle the needs of most blogs. Premium upgrades are also available, including free trials, at very low cost for those sites which require more space or experience higher traffic amounts. Cincopa's servers will handle the hosting, storage, and delivery of your media from a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Play MP3 Audio Files on Your Joomla Site Easily

Cincopa's Joomla MP3 player audio plugin is simple to install and configure on your site. It is available directly from the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) or from Cincopa website. Just download the .zip package and enable the plugin from within your Joomla administration panel. The plugin will add a button to your editor, and clicking on the button when creating or editing a new page or article will pull up the Cincopa application interface where you can begin creating your audio or music player. Adding a fully dynamic and interactive music player to your site couldn't be simpler and can be done in a few easy steps:

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1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website (you will need to download a module)

Choose a Skin for Your Joomla Music Player

The Cincopa Joomla music plugin has seven free audio player skins of different sizes to choose from. Customize your options and preview your Joomla music player in another window before deciding on a skin. Add images, offer your music for download, or protect it with a domain lock. Pro users have the option to remove the Cincopa branding from their music players ("Powered by Cincopa") and choose from several options such as autoplay, loop, repeat, and more. Simply choose your skin and proceed to the next step.


Upload Audio Files and Create Your Own MP3 Playlist

There are three ways to upload your music files to Cincopa. Upload files from a URL on the web, or use the batch upload utility for uploading multiple files. Use our Desktop Media Agent to synchronize the files on your PC with your Cincopa account, or upload your files remotely from any portable device or smart phone such as the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.


The Joomla MP3 Plugin Will Automatically Generate the Code for Your Site or Blog

You will then need to choose your implementation. Several options exist at this point, depending on where you would like to embed your Joomla music player. You can choose to display your music on virtually any website or blog or as an RSS feed. Pick an option and Cincopa will generate the necessary code for you to copy and paste. Place it wherever you like your audio player to be embedded.


Embed the Joomla Audio Player Code on Your Website or Blog

Add the Joomla music player to your site with a simple shortcode. The wizard will generate a shortcode which you can use to place it into any area of your site. If your website or blog was created using any other Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal, adding a music player is as simple as adding one of these shortcodes to your pages. The wizard can also create straight HTML so you can place your audio player virtually anywhere online.


Upload More MP3 Audio Files and Update Your Playlist at Any Time

Upload new music to your Joomla player at any time. You won't have to go through the process of creating a new player or generating new code. Simply upload your files and they will be added to the audio player you've already created and appear on your site instantly. You can add or remove files at any time and from anywhere including any PC, mobile device, or PDA once you've synchronized these devices to your Cincopa account.

Check Out Our Joomla Audio Player Module Features

  1. 7 audio player skins to choose from!
  2. set the width and height of your audio player
  3. add menus, playlists, album art, or your own images to your playlists
  4. customize your audio player with your own style sheet, or use the default styles
  5. choose autostart and set the volume level to let your Joomla audio player begin playing on page load
  6. allow visitors to your blog the option to download your files
  7. access the Cincopa cloud drive from any device
  8. automatic conversion to .mp3 if your original file is in another format
  9. remote access from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any other mobile device or PDA
  10. embed your audio player in any page or post with the click of a button using shortcodes
  11. web application generates HTML code for you to place your audio player on any website, anywhere, easily!
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