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Upgrade Your Webpage Using jQuery Slideshow

When looking for a slideshow feature, to embed into your webpage, you should definitely checkout Cincopa's jQuery slider widgets. jQuery is open source software, based on JavaScript library, which enables developers to create potent and effective web applications. Cincopa media platform offers 5 unique jQuery based website slideshow skins that will not only benefit you with a reliable and efficient media presentation, but will also promote a total changeover to your page appearance.
Among the most classic and refined ways to attract visitors to dwell upon your page, publish comments, share your content and return for more visits, is adding a jQuery image Slideshow to the page.
Cincopa's jQuery slideshow and galleries are free for most individual users and small businesses and include many exciting customization options. Creating and embedding a jQuery image slider is fast, simple and can be performed by the average person, who knows nothing about coding.

How it works

1Choose one of our awesome skins
2Upload your media to Cincopa
3Get a simple code and embed on your website

Choose jQuery Slideshow Skin

Each of the 5 jQuery slider skins enables you to modify more than a few basic features including size, control bar location, transitions, shuffle, rotate, auto-play and many more. You may customize your options, check the final result of one or more skins and only then decide which one works for you.


Upload Media files

This stage is your main responsibility, since you need to come up with the media you would like to present on your page. Once you have chosen the images or videos, you may upload the files to your Cincopa folders. Cincopa will automatically convert and resize your files to suit the appropriate device.


Embed code

Cincopa generates a code, which you need to embed into your site, according to the CMS you use in your pages. You may embed the jQuery slider wherever you like it to be on your post, assuming you have already downloaded the suitable add-on (plugin, module, extension etc.).

Cincopa's jQuery Slider Advantages:

Cincopa media platform ensures your jQuery slider full compatibility. Cincopa's slideshow application allows you to display your slideshow on any web page that accepts HTML or uses one of the major CMS brands as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TypePad, vBulletin, Ning, Blogger, MediaWiki, Weebly, WordPress MU and Buddy Press. Using Cincopa's app, you may also present your slideshow as an RSS feed.
Cincopa does not only offer you a free jQuery image slider. Cincopa supplies a full media kit, which includes many other services. You get a free, reliable, secured and high speed hosting and delivery services for your content. Cincopa uses CDN and other advanced technologies, making it an ideal media platform.

Cincopa's dedicated servers grant your jQuery slideshow with a few extra benefits:
  1. Full backups - no need to hassle with manual, time consuming procedures.
  2. Accessibility - the cloud computing technologies allow you a remote access from any device.
  3. Full scalability.
  4. Complete support for mobile devices.
  5. Traffic and storage reports.
  6. Automatic conversions and image resizing
  7. Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  8. Optimal security - you are the only one to decide, who may access your media.
  9. Upgrades for pros - available in reasonable prices and with preceding, free trials periods.

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