Here’s Why You Need an HTML Slideshow on Your Business Website

Creating a website isn’t a big deal in today’s world, but making it work for achieving business goals is a real challenge. Since it usually takes an average visitor less than 15 seconds to determine whether a website is of interest during the first session, keeping engagement at a high rate becomes a critical issue business should pay attention to.

According to a recent study, 74% of marketers use visual content in their marketing strategy. Things like embedded videos, HTML slideshows, and podcasts are proven to be extremely helpful to interact with your audience, engage them within the first few seconds on your website, and transform visitors into customers. If you’re looking for a solution to present your product images, photos and charts in the most engaging way, HTML slideshows can be a great idea.

In fact, a professional slideshow makes your website suitable for multiple business needs.


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Check out some ideas on implementing slideshows on your business website using Cincopa’s HTML slideshow generator.

HTML Slideshows for eCommerce

Catchy product listings are what any online seller needs in order to attract customers. If you want to beat your competitors, your listings must be supplied with informative visuals that can include both images and videos showing off your products in detail. Today’s popular online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, as well as leading eCommerce CMS like Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, and others, allow embedding HTML slideshow code by simply copying and pasting. Customers definitely give preference to visualized listings helping them to figure out the real value of a product and make a final decision. 73% of online shoppers are reported to be much more likely to make a purchase after viewing images and watching a product video.

In order to keep your shop’s visitors focused on your products, you can embed rich media galleries to both product pages and your main page. It’s even possible to pin a slideshow HTML frame to any corner of a web page, so it remains visible even on scroll. Thus, your visitors will be able to read important information while viewing slides in the background. Adding a relevant call-to-action to your slideshow gives you an opportunity to catch the right moment and push customers towards making a purchase.

Slideshows for presenting your artwork

A beautifully-designed slideshow is perfect to organize your creative content and present your artwork online. By embedding a modern-looking HTML5 slideshow player to your website you can not only display images and videos with music background but also add beautiful animation effects creating an unparalleled experience for your audience. Cincopa provides a great variety of slideshow templates that fit any taste: from slider with images and videos to grid and background sliders. All of them let you create a 100% unique design with custom colors, controls, background, buttons, fonts, and more configurable options.

Slideshows for education

Both teachers and students know that the human brain processes visual information faster than plain text. Given that, HTML slideshows unlock a wonderful opportunity to make online courses and lessons more engaging and interactive. Students will be able to retain more knowledge when lessons are supplied with visual charts, samples, video how-tos, and quick guides. The best thing about slideshows is that they can be used during live lessons, meetups or presentations, as well as integrated with a variety of LMS platforms. Assignments collected from students via LMS system can be uploaded automatically to specific slideshow galleries on a website. All these visuals can serve as a public portfolio for an educational institution and used by students to provide proof of their skills.

Slideshows for promoting any website in online search

Any business presented online should be aware of the powerful SEO potential that rich media content has. The adoption of JSON-LD technology by leading digital asset management platforms like Cincopa introduces a considerable increase in the positive SEO effect caused by slideshows and other forms of multimedia. HTML slideshow code used for embedding to websites became reinforced with metadata represented in titles, descriptions, captions, and tags. This metadata is injected into the <head> section of a web page making an embedded slideshow work automatically for website SEO. JSON-LD makes the embed code load faster and helps search engines to index your content higher by associating it with keywords represented in metadata and text. As a result, users will get higher odds of discovering your website not only in general search results but also in video and image search.

One of the most powerful video and image hosting platforms providing an advanced HTML slideshow generator today is Cincopa. To create a slideshow, you simply need to choose one of the numerous templates that meets your needs, customize it according to your preferences using Cincopa media wizard, upload your files and get an embed code to be pasted wherever you want on your website. The whole process is super user-friendly and can take you just a few minutes. Your media will be hosted securely and streamed to your users at the highest speed via our robust content delivery network (CDN).


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