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Cincopa & Private Video Hosting In a Nutshell

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What is private video hosting and what’s in it for you?

Cincopa offers a secure video hosting platform in which you are able to show off and more widely distribute what you intend to promote and sell. Products come in all shapes and sizes but collectively and as a rule, everything in our capitalistic world needs as much exposure as possible. Whether that promotion be in video form or otherwise, the goal remains the same; reaching the largest possible audience to increase your chances of revenue and recognition.

This is what Cincopa’s secure and private video hosting platform is: that opportunity to reach out to a wider paying audience. With the demonstration of what you can do and what you have on offer in video format, you have at your fingertips one of the most interactive and attention-grabbing marketing tools available in this the 21st century.

We provide you with a multi-functional hub to share and view secure video content. This material can be accessed from any device and guarantees that you, your portfolio and your products are accessible, visible and firmly placed in front of the prying eyes of potential customers around the clock.

Whether you are an entrepreneurial individual, an artist, photographer or require private video hosting for business, the utilization of our system results in the same desired outcomes:

  • Increased brand, company and product visibility
  • Greater potential customer interaction
  • A user-friendly experience channeled towards your target audience

So, why should you not further demonstrate what you as an individual or a company do? Why should you not tap into an audience of millions with nothing to lose and everything to gain? Why not add another level to your ever-expanding marketing attempts?

That then is the question, why not? The answer to that question is demonstrated by Cincopa’s easily accessible video hosting platform and dashboard manager, which shows you the way in which video content presentation can be utilized, including how to maximize success from such creative output. This is a tool that not only highlights what you do and makes your brand stand out from the crowd but does so simply and coherently in ever transparent and interactive video form.


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using video.

The benefits of a private video platform

Depending on your specific requirements and what you currently have – or don’t yet have – in place with secure video content and the like, our secure video hosting could save you money. Not even taking into account the massive increase in your brand’s awareness and the probable increase in sales; the reduction in bandwidth and your own hosting costs could result in a twofold victory; that of adding another arrow to your marketing bow and less expenditure all at the same time.

Secure and private video hosting maintained on one platform

Expanding one’s potential client reach is essential in driving any business forward. Targeting and tailoring your output to your audience based on analytical results is crucial, and saves time while guaranteeing better results. Through the medium of video, there is no reason not to display your wares on a private video platform in a useful, economic and easily manageable way.

quick delivery

We at Cincopa offer you a collective and all-inclusive private video hosting service which guarantees that your message, product, and brand are all delivered further, clearly, uninterrupted and securely.

Share and upload personal, business or royalty-free videos and gain both a wider audience and have a support team in place which you can both trust and rely on.

We have all come a long way since our marketing reliance on posters and billboards – still, both effective tools of course–and the world wide web is plain and simply the place to be. Video is now a prerequisite for job applications, workplace training and above all sales and marketing. That fact needs to be taken into account.

You can drive traffic and generate leads with engrossing and effective video marketing. Cincopa can help with both the creative side as well as the day to day monitoring, maintenance and platform provision. As well as helping you increase video visibility through the use of ethical SEO practices and essentially make sure that you are noticed.

An important part of success in sales is down to placement and timing. The wonder that is the world wide web ensures that the world has at all times voluntary access to the material you want them to see. The placement and channeling of this material – video content in this case – is then left in our capable hands. The goal is to get that video matter into the hands of your target audience and to enough of your prospective customers to ensure success. This is what we excel in: we will get your message across.

It all sounds too logical and sound, but Cincopa’s video hosting and back up support is exactly that. You as a company require exposure and have the goods and services people need to see. We need to protect this material and yet make sure it is seen by as many people as possible and more ideally, by those who you regard as your target buyers.

Once you leave that is our capable hands and this is attained, positive results follow suit for you and your business.

Social media is key nowadays and we ensure that your video is channeled through thousands of mediums, mail systems as well as CMS and HTML sites with just a tap of the mouse here and a quick tap of the mouse there. In addition to that, you will reap the benefits of having your video pop up when potential viewers and customers browse, surf and peruse a multitude of sites and gateways.

video results

When your video content is actually on display and there for the whole world to see, a pivotal factor in maintaining the attention of and trying to stimulate the viewer. The harsh reality is that an impatient or interrupted buyer is generally no longer willing to part with his or her hard earned cash. Alack of disconnect is not only achieved by the video output you present but with our help in providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your potential clientele. This we make certain of by ensuring that video content is devoid of interruptions and are advertisement free. A greater connection with your market and thus an increased chance of success is one of our platforms goals in addition to ‘just’ being a secure host and partner.

Streaming is a buzz word now, and an increasingly popular method of self-promotion and business projection. Using Cincopa’s private video platform functionality, you can securely project to the world your desired message whilst being safe in the knowledge, that the integrity and ownership of your videos are being protected from theft and piracy 24/7. Security is paramount for any online feature and this, of course, applies to video: secure video hosting, with an emphasis on ‘secure’, is an integral part of what we offer, and we continually strive to make everything in connection with your content consensual – not stolen and pirated in any shape or form.

So, you like the idea of proven success and more sales? Does the idea of projecting your business model to thousands of more people sound quite appealing? Does streaming securely to a larger uninterrupted audience sound ideal?

The answer to those questions is surely positive, and we back up these promises of secure video hosting for businesses and individuals alike. Cincopa also supports its claims of strengthening your market presence. As a team with years of experience, we too justify our bluster in suggesting that this is a win-win situation for you. Our dedicated support team can explain in a user-friendly fashion, how to upload your videos, how to embed and stream your video content even without programming knowledge. Any questions you may have, technical or otherwise, can and will be answered in a timely manner.

While trial and error is a common factor in any endeavor, we strongly believe that success is not an accident and this is wherein depth analytics also come in. It is all well and good crossing one’s fingers in the hope for better performance, but our cornerstone practices are a foundation and guide in ensuring increased visibility, interaction and ultimately success for your business. Our analytics detail what enthralls a customer and even what might lose or have lost a customer. Advanced statistics will confirm what needs tweaking, working on and adjusting and this positively and factually leads to formulaic success. Our video heat map will show you what turns on and what puts off a customer in clear graphic form. While our dashboard helps you manage and monitor your video the same way that verbal feedback would; and from this base, you are able to control everything and see what video material works and what patterns or trends need to be followed.


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using video.

Originally published on November 24th, 2017, updated on April 22nd, 2019
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Cincopa & Private Video Hosting In a Nutshell

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