How to Power Up Your Email Marketing with Video

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools for business lead generation. A recent study shows that email is still an effective method to reach both Generation X and Millenials. With the emerging role of online video, it makes sense to make use of video in email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing helps entrepreneurs to establish a line of business-to-consumer communication, which is critical for reaching out to an audience and receiving feedback. If you want to maximize outreach and understand which marketing tactics work better, you need to integrate email campaigns with video.

Generate High-Quality Leads from Your Video

People who watch your videos often convert into high-quality leads. Once they submit an email address, you have their permission to reach out to them and engage further with them.  All you need to do is place a user-friendly pop-up email form at the right place in your video content. You can choose to gate your video so that viewers must fill in a name and email address to watch the video.  When using a video hosting platform, you can integrate with your external email marketing services, so you can send your leads to your email list on your external email marketing platform.

Video increases the power of your email message because video emails have higher open rates.  Most video hosting platforms have ways to integrate your videos into your email campaigns. You may be able to copy and paste an automatically generated code into an email.  Viewers can see a thumbnail and click on it to view the video in their browser.

Learn More About Your Leads with Video Analytics

An email address is not the only thing you need to know about your leads to turn them into dedicated clients for your business with the highest possible conversion rate. To be effective in sales, you must know more about each viewer. Where do they come from, which browser version do they use, and, more importantly, how do they interact with your online video? All these questions require answers, but that’s easy to establish with Cincopa video analytics.

Most hosting platforms provide in-depth analytics, and you’ll be impressed how much you can learn about your video audience from viewing stats such as average engagement, activity dates, geographical location and IP address, operating system and web browser details. This information is crucial when you want to create a personalized business proposal for your leads. It helps you to segment viewers when it comes to email campaigns, so you can follow up with the right type of content for viewers at different stages of the buying cycle.


This is the most popular language for embedding videos into emails and offers many benefits to viewers. Another reason it is an advantage is that iOS devices do not support Flash. New surveys reveal that about 75% of developers are using HTML5 and about 35% of mobile traffic is accounted for with HTML5 videos.

Video email marketing tips

  • A single long video can be dull. Why not break it up into a series of videos to include with your emails. This will keep viewers anticipating what’s coming next.
  • If you use the word ‘video’ in your email subject line, viewers are more likely to open it.
  • Your call-to-action is very important in a video in an email. You want viewers to act and share your video.
  • Many viewers do not like autoplay. Instead, give them the option to click it themselves.
  • A single tap is preferred to double tap, especially for mobile viewers as they do not have to tap a second time to open a new browser and then tap again to view the video.
  • Customer testimonials can be shared with your leads. Potential customers often like to know what your existing customers think about your products. You could also share interviews that help build up interest in your product or services.


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Written by Liraz Axelrad
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