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Why Upload Music to Your Website?

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Let’s face it, there a few experiences that can rival the pleasure of creating art. Be it keys or chords, voice synthesizers or simple old fashioned vocals – we often pour our hearts and souls into what we create.

Given this high level of involvement, compromising when it comes to online distribution is sad at best. It used to be the case that newspapers, magazines and TV spots would be the primary means of advertising many services. Now, the pages of blogs and websites are now the favored online medium. However, not all online platforms are created equal. An artist needs a dependable, high quality music skin that is capable of promoting their content, without distracting listeners from the music itself.

On the technical side of things, given the large variety among devices, compatibility can be an issue. A good music player, such as the one offered by Cincopa, is able to account for multiple file formats, browser types, and device operating systems with multiple screen resolutions. In a world governed by many preferences, adaptability is key.

Why use Cincopa for Your Music

Cincopa gives bands and musicians a dynamic music player that can be incorporated on any website; one that is capable of playing most music file formats. Also, the subscriber has the option of organizing music playlists, using helpful menu options, and even adding beautiful album art design. You do not need to be a programmer, and there is no requirement for memorizing complicated lines of code. The Cincopa audio skin is streamlined to perfection, granting the community a user-friendly experience that feels as natural as breathing.

So why upload your music to your website?

Because it works! Any content provider would walk a fine line between providing free content, and incentivizing the purchase of entire albums. Things were not always this way. Between you and your fans, there were several walls, and the only means of interaction then were the albums themselves. Having your own website provides you with a direct link to the community that supports you. This promotes not only the brand, but the emotional connection between the artist and his/her fans. It makes things more personal, and may help boost your success.

Feedback is also an important factor. Waiting to see the album’s sales numbers was the only way of evaluating success. By then, your resources would have been far spent. These days, you are able to grow as an artist thanks to a live, constant stream of feedback that comes directly from the people that love what you do. This is basically low-risk, free market research, and all you had to do is get hold of a reliable music skin from Cincopa.

In conclusion, being a successful artist has always demanded a certain degree of marketing knowledge. By embedding your musical artform using the Cincopa music player, you are making a sound business decision, and directly distributing a sample of your work. No hassle, no worries, and no complicated coding. It’s just you, your website, and your fans.

Browse through, pick one of our music players, and let the magic begin.

Originally published on December 5th, 2014, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Why Upload Music to Your Website?

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