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There have been many times when I’ve heard friends and colleagues start a sentence much like this:

“We tried using (insert popular tool name here) for better internal communication and productivity…”

But ultimately, they went straight back to using boring and inefficient email once again.

Boring Email

Let’s be clear: we don’t like email at Cincopa.  Emails are bad.

Why is that? It’s simple:

  • Emails are not a real conversation. They are counter-productive and lack any true means for dynamic communication.
  • Lost information is rampant with emails. “Did you see my last update?”… Hmmm… Which one?
  • Carbon Copying (cc’ing) is both inefficient and largely ignored. There’s an 80% chance the person you cc’d will never read your email.
  • Emails are old-school and simply not cool. That’s a fact.

That’s why we started using Slack at Cincopa. Slack is an amazingly productive tool that allows our entire team to dynamically communicate, in real time. It’s exactly what you and your team need for improved collaboration. Slack is an all in one solution that will virtually eliminate your email load and quickly improve team productivity.

If you’re using chat services or Google Drive, Dropbox or God forbid email, or any other other task management system, then stop right now and give Slack a try. It won’t let you down and it promises to blow your mind.

One place for communications, focused and transparent. This is an awesome tool!

I’m pretty confident that you are sold by now. Go check it out.

Originally published on December 5th, 2014, updated on April 22nd, 2019
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So, We Started Using Slack

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