Cincopa Music Players – Three Skins for the Music you Love

Cincopa Music Players – Three Skins for the Music you Love

An official UK study reveals that the average person will spend 13 years of their lives listening to music and sharing it. That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually not; if you listen around 4 hours of music per day, that’s already the equivalent of 60 days per year. We are not trying to bore you with mathematics calculations, we just want to celebrate how important music is  in our lives. But the question is, are we using the best music player?

Cincopa, a viable alternative for classic music platforms, can make sure that those 4 hours of listening music per day are worth it – to the last second. Today, we present you three fully customizable music player’s skins, that will enhance your music experience and will make you or your users to fly through the daily activities, just listening music:

Bandcamp music player is a powerful tool that allows you to create, promote and manage your music galleries remotely and no matter what device you use. Simple to configure and to use, the Bandcamp audio player is probably offering the best user-experience that you can get: fully responsive, SEO friendly, Google Analytics integration and Domain Lock. Bandcamp allows you to play around with your assets, using a progress bar, navigation arrows, shuffle and volume. The playlist is positioned beneath the player, and it can contain an unlimited number of files (with their afferent titles and descriptions), uploaded from your own device or web URLs.

Remember the old Winamp Player that everybody forgot about? Well, nowadays Bandcamp “really whips the llama’s ass!”, because you can choose the colors and functions for your Bandcamp player, edit the main CSS files and set security options in order to allow users to download your files or authorize websites to display your player.

Cincopa’s Bandcamp is not only minimalist and neat, but is also performant:  the applications is responsible for conversions, transcoding and photo resize. Cincopa handles all aspects of media hosting and delivery via a reliable, high-end CDN. Choosing this skin for you music player, you can expand your fan base by displaying the same gallery over multiple sites, networks, and newsletters without even using your servers’ quota. It assures that you and your audience are enjoying fast and flawless performance with no latency or stuttering issues.

Cincopa WordPress plugin

Cincopa’s Spotify music player skin combine the high efficiency with a fully responsive, neat look, which will not interfere with your website web design. The player themes, text and background are totally customizable and, for technology savvy, you can edit the main CSS.

This player will be situated at the bottom of your page (see it below) and the playlist can contain as may files you may need, with additional info added. Besides the similarity with Spotify’s player, this premium theme is giving you full control over your audio files performance and protection. In addition, you can set the player to keep playing on different pages and authorize specific domains to embed your player. You can decide if you want your users to download your files or if you want to display an image in the playlist. This player comes with a Google Analytics integration.


If you are a songwriter, a singer or an aspiring DJ, this Mixcloud skin brought by Cincopa is the answer for promoting your music to the world. This high quality player allows you to embed your work to multiple sites or to promote it via social media channels. Cincopa’s premium skin, Mixcloud does not interrupt the page flow as it’s located at the bottom of the web page, including a friendly and efficient control bar with various elements and functions and a playlist button.  If you are willing to go an extra mile for achieving a perfect match with your website design, you can edit the CSS and change the playlist dimensions, colors and even functionality.

Hosted and delivered via a reliable CDN system, this player makes sure that your users experience the best musical environment, free or shuttering, delay or any kind of distortions. In addition, you don’t have to worry about conversions, photo resizing, reports, backups or programming, since Cincopa is performing all those tasks automatically.


Now, go ahead, test them all, upload your music, create galleries, relax and enjoy the delightful sound of music!

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