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How to Get More Out of Zoom Video Conferencing

With powerful features, such as chapters, annotations & in-video search, Cincopa helps you get more out of your Zoom recordings.

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What happens when a foreign board member, with limited (to non-existent) English misses a critical meeting?
Or when a consultant is given a few days to fix a deep-rooted organizational problem that requires months of research?
Or, maybe, a boss who appoints team members to go through hours of logged meeting minutes, knowing that even the most motivated employees will inevitably zone out?

These are pretty common problems, and they can occur in any company, regardless of industry.

There is, however, a unique solution; one that can be relied on in all the above-mentioned scenarios:

Cincopa’s Zoom integration.

Zoom: A Brief Rundown

More than 1 in 10 businesses rely on Zoom to conduct meetings.

Those percentages are way higher with B2B companies, specifically those that deal with tech.

Zoom plays a critical role within these companies. It enables high quality, cross country, and cross-platform communication.

Subsequently, a wide array of personnel use Zoom to discuss a variety of topics:
Updates in the company’s laws and changes in existing protocols, amongst others, are all traded at Zoom meetings. 


“However, as important as these meetings are, not every stakeholder always has the chance to be there. Compulsory assignments or emergencies may spring out of the blue at any time, consequently depriving certain personnel of attending, no matter how paramount their presence is.” 


That’s not all, however.

Sometimes, individuals cannot sit through the long Zoom meetings; these can sometimes go on for hours… Oftentimes, the relevant pieces of information are sporadically sprinkled throughout the meeting and one might not have the time to sit through a recording hoping to come across these golden nuggets.


guy looking at comput

Cincopa’s Zoom Integration

One of Cincopa’s focal points is its ability to integrate it with other applications. One of the latter is, surprise surprise,  Zoom.

Cincopa’s Zoom integration is designed to help stakeholders catch up with Zoom meetings at later times. What makes this integration special is its ability to highlight the key points in a Zoom meeting, saving everyone the torture of sitting through boring hours of recordings. With this platform, no one has to worry about missing the important parts of a Zoom meeting.

But how does Cincopa’s Zoom integration work?

Upon integrating Cincopa with Zoom, all Zoom meetings are automatically uploaded to the former’s database. Having done this, verified personnel can now use the wide variety of available features to make necessary arrangements or editing. This presents opportunities previously unavailable on any platform.

Here are some features accessible on Cincopa’s Zoom integration design:

Closed Captions:  Cincopa gives users the opportunity to add captions to their Zoom video conferencing uploads. This is more or less a subtitle, available to be included throughout the duration of the video anywhere you deem fit. This would greatly resolve language barriers within a company as captions can be made in any language.Remember the aforementioned Chinese board member who couldn’t make it to the meeting? Once the Zoom meeting is concluded and synched with Cincopa, Chinese subtitles can be added to the recording. All our esteemed board member will have to do is access the recording on the company’s Cincopa account and watch it. in a way, he’ll get more out of this than had he actually attended the meeting…

Chapters and Annotations: Cincopa’s Zoom integration makes it possible to group videos by chapters as well as include annotations anywhere necessary. Chaptering a video is especially helpful: Viewers do not have to skim through the video with the aim of deriving information that matters. Users can always effortlessly move to any chapter pertaining to their interests. For example, the CEO can be directed to the chapter tailored for him, likewise the employee.Let us assume the boss mentioned in the introductory paragraph. Chaptering will make it super easy for his employees to extract necessary information from the huge archives of meeting logs, without really breaking a sweat.

How so? As soon as the Zoom meeting is synchronized with Cincopa, chapters can be added according to the topics discussed in the meeting. Employees of the accounting department, for example, can instantly access important information on accounts without having to burn through lengthy frustrating hours.

In-video Search: Here’s where things get really interesting. Users can now search for particular topics and words within a video. This becomes possible when captions are added to the recording. When, say a marketing manager searches for ‘SEO’ or ‘social media’, the video will then jump to the sections in which those terms were discussed.

Remember the consultant whom was given just a few days to fix deep-rooted organizational problems? In-video search is invaluable in this case. He won’t  have to sit through meeting archives, hoping the issues he’s been brought-in to fix may be mentioned. Instead, he  just search for some relevant words and the integration will direct him to the precise part of the video he is interested in watching.

Video Cleaning:  Even after a video is chaptered, one can still spend too much time on each segment. Well, except if he or she is using Cincopa’s Zoom integration. Users have the option to cut parts of a video so all that’s left is just what exactly is needed (i.e. just relevant content).  No unnecessary chitchats or distracting talks. Just facts.

Cincopa’s video integration offers several other benefits, but these are its core features.
With these specifications, anyone would agree that all issues with Zoom meeting recordings are adequately solved.



Originally published on February 20th, 2020
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How to Get More Out of Zoom Video Conferencing

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