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Intrigue Your Audience with Gated Video and Collect Leads

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Getting qualified leads is critical to any business. One of the most effective lead generation tactics is ‘gated video.’ In other words, your online video content is only available for watching after registration. Non-registered users may see a small introductory part, but if they want to continue watching, they have to submit their contact information in a pop-up form.  The degree of gating may vary depending on your goals. You can apply a fully non-skippable gating model or a semi-gated model.

When gated videos make sense

There’s no reason to gate all your videos, of course. In fact, the most substantial portion of your online video content – boosted by video SEO – should be open to drive engagement on your website, motivate viewers to share your content, generate backlinks, and increase your website’s SEO strengths.

Each type of video content has its own goal. When your goal is conversion, it makes sense to gate a video. Open, semi-gated and gated videos are often found on the same website where they’re utilized for different purposes.

Essential online video tools for gated content

If you have to hand-code a custom online video player to support gating, it’s time-consuming and expensive. It’s not necessary either when you can take advantage of a professional video hosting and management platform where video players come with advanced marketing tools to make online video work for lead generation.

With these marketing tools such as Lead Generator, you can include pop-up forms at selected spots in a video to collect names and email addresses. This enables you to generate leads from wherever your video gets placed. If viewers are willing to share their contact information, they are willing to receive further information from you. However, you’re free to create your own template and include more specific fields, such as cell number, LinkedIn account, etc. With Cincopa, you may add an optional ‘skip’ button to make submitting the form non-mandatory.

There are many other ways to engage with viewers of your videos such as getting them to watch another video or visit a landing page.

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Video Analytics

With in-depth video analytics, you can track all viewing activity. You can measure factors like engagement, first and last visit dates, total view count, videos that have been watched and device types used. This is invaluable as it helps you to assess the quality of your leads and tailor your call-to-action.

The main benefits of Lead Generator:

  • You can generate traffic from whichever source where your video is placed. It can be your own website, partner websites, social networks, etc.
  • Personal details can be used for retargeting and remarketing.
  • When video viewers share their contact information, this means you get permission to send them a business message.

Call-to-action helps marketers to encourage video viewers to undertake actions leading to conversions. You may set various marketing goals, for example, sign-up for a newsletter, visit a landing page, purchase a product, or watch another video. Similar to a lead generation form, a call-to-action may show up at any desired moment of playback.

Go ahead, try gating your videos using advanced video tools and get prepared for an increased leads flow. We look forward to hearing from you, which form of gated video you found more effective for your marketing goals: skippable or non-skippable?

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Cincopa is complete video and image hosting

Originally published on November 13th, 2017, updated on May 23rd, 2019
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Intrigue Your Audience with Gated Video and Collect Leads

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