What to look for in Podcast Hosting

Podcasting has become the new frontier in marketing and an incredible tool in giving entrepreneurs and businesses an edge in the increasingly crowded internet space. Businesses and entrepreneurs spend billions paying for space on podcast hosting platforms and blogs with a hope to gain traction with the ever-growing podcast listeners. It is therefore extremely important to take time and ensure you have the best podcast hosting platform for your content.  The hosting platform largely determines how effective your podcast campaign will be, depending on how they design it, position and present it.


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A modern podcast hosting platform like Cincopa should in effect add value to the podcast by ensuring it rests on the best platform and features. The design and layout of the skin are crucial because it is the first contact viewers have with your podcast and can either captivate or repel them.  A good podcast hosting site should provide a variety of skin options for comparison and choice.

One of the most exciting features of multimedia is the floating function. The floating podcast player offered by Cincopa makes multitasking fun and easy especially for today’s world where users would like to do other tasks but still enjoy the podcast. Besides, the podcast hosting platform should be easy to embed podcasts, customize, share and provide the necessary analytics to keep you on top of your campaigns. Cincopa audio hosting is great and comes with all these functions plus the necessary security features, inbuilt SEO, email opt-in, lead generation and flawless content delivery. It is well customized for mobile friendliness and you can easily manage it from any device connected to your Cincopa account.

Originally published on July 22nd, 2016, updated on April 30th, 2019
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What to look for in Podcast Hosting

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