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Cincopa For HubSpot 101 – Best Practices

Cincopa Video Marketing Automation 101 – Here is how it’s done, Step by Step.

IMPORTANT: In Cincopa, Most of the Video Features exist on a gallery level. Therefore, for your purpose we recommend using and embedding a Video gallery rather than an asset.

*We’ll go over the Single assets customization at the end of this tutorial as you might wish to do things such as Add CTA, Annotations, Subtitles and customize the Video’s preview thumbnail.


Step 1 – Upload videos to your account

Step 2 – Create a new gallery and pick a Player design

We recommend “Photon Video Player” for two reasons:

  • Player Color customization feature to easily match it with your brand\website color scheme.
  • It doesn’t feature a playlist, so basically, it was built to serve as a single video.


Step 3 – Name your Gallery Template

This will allow you to search for it among your galleries easily.


Step 4 – Customizing the Player Template – Colors

Player Color – Player Appearance

Simply use the color picker or insert your main color code (HEX format, e.g., #1593f4)

*This will also take care of your CTA colors for the lead generation form.

Step 5 – Branding – Add your Logo to the Player and add a watermark logo

Player Logo – Player Brand

Cincopa allows you to completely Whitelabel the player and adds your own logo which can also be clickable if required. Utilizing this feature, the link opens in a new browser tab.


Video Logo – Player Brand -> Watermark

By utilizing this feature, you can overlay your brand’s logo on top of the video.

Use the “Overlay time” property to control when the logo appears.

On Load (start)\After X seconds\On Player Hover\On click (which will make it appear throughout the video but only after the viewer hit play).

Here as well, you can utilize the logo to open a URL when clicked and direct the viewer to a signup page for example.


Step 6 – Lead Generation (Capture Viewers Email and Name)

Lead Generation – Lead Generator

The Submitted form will create a new contact in Hubspot as following:

Submitted form on [Video Title will be inserted here]

Please do the following to set up the video lead generation:

Activate the form, select the “default form” and click Configure.

Select the form type: Email Only\Email & Name

And Adjust when the form appears as a function of time –

After the video ends\Before the video starts\% of the video length\Exact Time (Hr:Min:Sec)

Choose whether the form is required or allow the user to skip the form.

Add Upper Text and Lower Text.

Step 6.5 – Autoplaying Video

On par with Google and Apple’s Latest rules, Mobile playing of the video will be on “mute” so do take that into consideration.

Step 7 – Assign a Video Asset to the Gallery

Hit next and head down to the wizard’s step 3 – “Upload and Manage Videos”

Use the “select Files from Assets” Tab to pick a video from your existing video assets which you uploaded earlier or upload new assets. These will also be added to this specific gallery and will be available on your account for later us to be included in other galleries.

Select the Video you want to include and Click “Finish.”

This template is saved and if you wish to customize further, just head back to Step 2.


Reusing an existing Gallery you’ve built with a new video – Say no to repetitive tasks! 🙂  

Let us talk about reusing this Template which you just deeply customized, so you won’t need to create and customize a new gallery each time you want to use a new video.

Head down to your “Galleries” (Platform menu -> Galleries)

Find the gallery you want to reuse with a new video and click ‘Use as template’’

This will create an exact copy of the gallery minus the video asset it had included within it.

You will then be directed to Step 2 – Customization

Here you can do things like turn off the lead generation. Don’t worry – This action will not affect the original gallery as they are completely separate.

Click next, then upload a new video or select from your existing videos.  Oh! Don’t forget to click “Finish”

Now… take a break. Drink some water. Your doing great!

Good. So, by now, you’ve got everything set up. You have your video branded and ready to capture leads.


Complimenting Hubspot with Cincopa Video Analytics

The captured leads will also be available on Cincopa’s User level analytics for tracking.

Learn more

Cincopa’s user and audience level Video Analytics will provide valuable insights on a video’s audience level engagement to complement HubSpot’s timeline video events.

Let see a real life example:

Bruce Wayne of Wayne Enterprises turned from a visitor into a contact a week ago.

He’s been very responsive to your nurturing efforts and yesterday he was sent a 40 minutes webinar which you think is killer. Surely if Batman, oops… Bruce is so keen about your service (and he is), he should view at least 40% of the webinar.

So You’ve set your lead scoring and workflow campaign based on the assumption that a qualified lead will watch >40% of this webinar and than get assigned to sales to wrap up the deal.

But what do you know… This morning Bruce watched the Webinar and failed to reach that 40%. why? He found the webinar to be… well, extremely boring.

Yes. He watched just 21% (which is around 8 minutes).

But it’s not just him, If you were to look on this Webnar’s Audience level Video Heatmap you would know that based on an average of 204 unique viewers, hes engagement was outstanding!

“top” viewers watched 20% while “low” viewers (which corresponds with less qualified,”colder” leads) watched less than 3%.

So based on that data, you can now adjust your campaign from watch>40% to watched > 20% to assign a lead to sales based. This means your sales team won’t miss the chance to engage sales ready leads that same afternoon and close more deals!


Embeding Your Video Gallery:

Galleries can be embedded into any HTML supporting platform.

To embed head to Galleries and click <Embed>


Hubspot Email Editor Thumbnail Embed

This will be used in combination with HubSpot’s Landing page where the video will be embedded or your Website (who should have the HubSpot pixel to track viewing).

You can play with the thumbnail size property. The ratio is locked to 16:9 so you can’t break it, even if you try really hard…

Website\CMS Embed

Use this code to embed into your HubSpot CMS or any website builder.


Now… the interesting part.

Lets put a video on your landing page.



Now, we’re up and running. Visitors are coming in and easily turned into contacts using HubSpot forms and Video Forms.


Cincopa For Hubspot Events – Run Down

Let’s do a quick rundown of the different Video features we can use as triggers\enrollment criteria for Hubspot Workflows, Lists, and Manual Lead scoring.

So after a contact was captured using a Cincopa Video Lead Generation form or a HubSpot form, we can start tracking him.

Past video events which occurred when he was still a lead will also show up on his timeline and drive list and workflow actions.

Play property – contains all of the video viewing events.

Percent Watched (0-100%) – How much did a viewer watch.

Should be used alongside an “AND” condition with Play property – Media Title

To trigger when he watched % of a specific video.


Media Title (Text type)

Contains the title of the video a viewer watched. See how we used a combination of 50% watched and video title contains “On boarding video” to suggest that he will enroll the workflow when he watchs 50% of our onboarding video.    As we used contains if we had 2 videos named “Onboarding video part 1” and “Onboarding Video part 2”, both will trigger which saves you the effort of building two exact copies of the same workflow for part 1 and 2 when you really want to include both as a criteria.

Media Title + % Watched used together with an And Condition


Occurred (Date) – this is a relative time based event.

Common use case: A blog post went up on Febuary 1st called “How to Chop Onions – The right way”,

Thos who watched the video “Onion Chopping using a piano” between Febuary 1st and Febuary 3nd can be enrolled to a smart list called “Blog Fans” and despite the fact that they didn’t sign up to the blog’s “official” newsletter, They will now start to get every single post because they love reading what we publish and they found that Piano dropping on a bag of onion video – hilarious.


Media ID (Number) – HubSpot’s Unique Identifier for a video

This can be used instead of  “Media title”. This can be taken directly from a contact’s timeline by finding a video playing event and hitting “show details”


Form Submit property – contains all of the Video Form Submitted events.

Media Title (Text type)

Use as a trigger when a user submitted a form and was converted into “contact” from a specific video.

Suggested use:

Let us know if you find a good use-case! 🙂


Occurred (Date) – this is a relative time based event.

Use as a trigger when a user submitted a form and was converted into “contact” at a specific or relative date.

Suggested use:

Use for short campaigns. Example:

An event ticket sales campaign will run for 60 days between March 1st and May 1st.

You start it at an early birds discounted price of 50% for two weeks.

Using the Form Submit -> Occurred property, you can set up a “last chance for a discount” from day one for those who were captured between March 1st and March 20th.   Do all the planning ahead of time and just sit back, relax and optimize according to sales.

Be sure to get in touch if you run into any trouble at all.

Add Thumbnails to your video asset

Add a CTA to your Video Assets

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