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Customize Gallery

You spend a lot of time and resources developing your content, and you expect it to deliver.

Cincopa’s Galleries are a great way to showcase your media content to your viewers. With our galleries, you can package multiple pieces of media content into one player and share it among your viewers.

With Cincopa’s advanced customization you can brand your media so that it is truly yours and provides you with the engagement you know your content is capable of.

To make your media content stand out, Cincopa allows you to customize our galleries to match your company’s branding by providing you with the ability to choose the perfect color for your video player, create your own thumbnails, add and remove buttons, auto-play your videos, and add interactive elements to keep your viewers engaged with your content.

Note: All templates have different customization options. If you wish to use specific customization’s please check the help article related to the template you have chosen.

You can explore all of our awesome customization features by using the following links:


Open customization

Log into your Cincopa Account  or  Sign up for a new Cincopa Account

In case you have not created a gallery yet, follow this link to discover how to create a Cincopa Gallery

To start with the basic customization of your already existing galleries follow these simple steps:

Access your Cincopa account and go to “Galleries

Next, scroll through your gallery list and select the gallery you want to customize, then click on Customize Gallery icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Now you have entered our Customization area.

How to change Gallery Template/ Skin?

You can change the current template by selecting the pen icon next to the template name.

Change Gallery Name

Naming your gallery is a good idea, this will allow you to easily search for it among your gallery list.

Change Player Color

Use the color selector or insert your main color code (HEX format, e.g., #1593f4)

Note: These colors will appear on the lead generation form

Enable Video Chapters

This Feature will turn On / Off created chapters

Chapters help the viewers easily navigate through a video without having to watch the entire video.
Learn more about how to add chapters to your assets and galleries.

Enable Video Popup \ Lightbox

When a viewer clicks the video thumbnail, the video will play in a pop-over/lightbox container that is visible on the top of the webpage being viewed by a user.

Click Here to learn more about Video Popup Feature

Enable Video Auto-play

The auto-play will enable the video to start automatically upon loading if this setting is enabled in the viewers browser.

Click Here to learn more about Auto-play.

Enable Video to play in Loop Mode

In Loop mode when your gallery reaches the end of the last item in the list,  it will restart back at the beginning and play through the gallery a second time.

Enable Lead Generation

Using Cincopa’s Lead Generation feature, you can capture a viewer’s contact information and track their viewing habits through Cincopa’s Analytics

Click Here to learn more about Lead generation


The best way to increase your traffic is by enabling your viewers to share your content via Social Media.

Turn on the share option and select which social media platforms your viewers can share your content through. Once enabled you will see a share icon appear in the upper right hand corner as highlighted in the screenshot below

The templates that include this feature are as follows:

  • Billboard Video Player
  • Photon Video Player
  • Video with horizontal playlist
  • Video Academy Template
  • etc.

Password Protection

One of the ways to protect the media of your Gallery(s) is by assigning password protection. This helps you share important information in a safe and confidential way with your viewers.

Click Here to learn more about password protection

Allow Downloading

This option will enable your viewers to download video

Templates that have this feature:

Video Player Size

You can change video player size here. When using the responsive option the player will stretch to fill the size of the container it has been place inside.

This option supported in the following templates:


Select Fonts to fit your gallery more stile

This option is supported in the following templates:

Add custom styling (CSS)

This allows you to add CSS to your gallery which means you can change the styling of the page as per your requirements. For branding purposes, you can use custom CSS to maintain your brand’s custom fonts and styling.

Selecting the Edit CCS option will open an editor window and allow you to enter your designs.

Brand The Player With Your Logo

You will have access to add your own company logo. This will assist your viewers in recognizing that this video is from your company and also helps to popularize your company logo.

Player Logo URL: Location of an external JPG, PNG, or GIF image to show in a corner of the display window.

Player Logo click URL: Open URL on logo click.

Video Watermark

You can add a watermark logo to your image, slideshow or even video galleries.

Click Here to learn more.

Player Controls

Show Play/Pause Button – By changing the toggle button to “Off” the “Play/Pause” button won’t be visible in the player control.

Share button – Use share buttons to grab your visitor’s attention and increase sharing across devices – enable share in video portal

SubtitleShow/hide subtitles in the video portal

Show Fullscreen Button Show/hide full screen button in the video portal

Show Volume Button Show/hide volume button in the video portal player

Showtime control – By changing the toggle button to “On” the time control indicating video length and time progress will become visible in the video portal player control

Show Progress Indication Bar Show/hide progress indication bar in the video portal player

Controls colorCustomize the color theme for your video portal player controls

Floating Video Player

A sticky player (or a floating player) makes a video stay on the screen even after the user scrolls down to read the rest additional content.

Click Here to learn more about the Floating Video Player

Pre/Post Roll Video & VAST Video Ads

Cincopa enables you to add VAST display ads in your Cincopa Videos. Pre-roll and post-roll video ads are usually short and catchy.

VAST video ads are a great option that lets you promote both your own and third-party content in your videos across all platforms

Click Here to learn more about Pre/Post Roll Video & VAST Video Ads

Change Skin Settings

You also have the ability to add some advanced skin settings (some of the features are available only to premium users).

As a premium user you can customize your gallery settings, remove the Cincopa branding to make the gallery look more natural on your website, allow your visitors to download files from your gallery, change the size of the displayed thumbnails and adjust many other settings based on your skin design and needs.

  • You can hot swap skins quickly and easily until you find the one you like.
  • You can, at any time, change the skin by clicking on “Change skin”, and then preview the gallery to view the results.

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