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Colors and branding of CincoTube

This article explains how you can change the colors and branding of your CincoTube. 

Steps for Changing the Colors and Branding of CincoTube

  1. Once you are logged in to CincoTube, click the Settings option from the left hand side menu or click on the account thumbnail and then select Settings.
  2. Click on Branding to change the colors of your Tube, Workspace, Buttons and Login page. It’s as easy as selecting a color or inputting your color code.
  3. Once you are done making the changes, click on the Save button.

Overview of the Branding Module on CincoTube

General Colors

Your General Colors are the colors of your Tube’s main page.

Branding module - General Colors

Text Color

Set a universal text colour for your Tube. The text colour applies to

  • Asset Titles
  • Asset Descriptions
  • Channel Titles
  • Workspaces Titles
  • Button Texts
  • Comments

Background Color

Set a universal background colour for your Tube. The background colour applies to

  • Background in Workspace view
  • Background in Channel view

Icons Color

Set a universal colour for all the interface icons. The icon colour applies to all icons on the Tube including

  • Icons on the sidebar
  • Stars for starred channels 
  • Notification bell
  • Like 
  • Share 
  • Save
  • Analytics
  • Asset editor

Header Background Color

Set a colour for the header of your Tube.

Card Background Color

Set a background colour for the cards. The car background colour applies to

  • Search bar
  • Description card of the asset in the Workspace view
  • Background of playlists

Player Colour

Set a colour for your video player and the video progress bar. The colour applies to

  • Player control bar
  • Play button on video player (hollow)
  • Progress bar (fill)

Cincopa's customizable video player

Progress Player Colour 

Set a colour for your channel progress bar. 

Channel Progress Bar


Workspace colors

You can change the default background color and button color for all your workspaces using this option.

Button colors

You can change the dropdown menu background color and button color using this option.

Login Page Colors

You can customize the login page that your users will use to login to CincoTube. You can change the text color, button color, background color and login page card background color as shown below.

And that’s it! We hope you understand your Tube a little bit better now and know where to find colors and branding options.

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