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Colors and branding of CincoTube

Below is the steps on how to change the color and branding of your Tube!

Follow these steps to change the Colors and Branding of CincoTube

The first step is to head over to your CincoTube and login. Once you are logged in click the Settings button on the left hand side.
Once in the settings tab, you will see Branding, CSS, HTML Fragments, General, Backend Stuff, Domains & Access Control.

  1. Click on Branding to change the colors of your Tube, Workspace and Buttons. It’s as easy as selecting a color or inputting your color code.

  2. General colors
    Your General Colors are the colors of your Tube’s main page, settings page and so on. However, you can change the color of your Workspace and Buttons to be different,

    • Workspace colors
      Your workspace colors can be customized to that of your choosing by selecting this button.

    • Button colors
      Your Button colors can be customized to that of your choosing by selecting this button.

    Change the Branding color of the CincoTube site
  3. CSS – site CSS
    The next option for you to click in the settings tab is CSS. This is where you can manually input any CSS that you may want to add to your Tube.

  4. HTML Fragments
    The third option on the settings tab is the HTML Fragments button. Here is where you can input any HTML coding that you may have and may want to your Tube.

    • Fragments instructions

    • Fragments

And that’s it! We hope you understand your Tube a little bit better now and know where to find colors and branding options.

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