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Things to do on Galleries page

Galleries are a great way to share your media with family, friends and even customers. You can create image, slideshow, audio and also video galleries, it will help you enhance your site wherever is a blog, personal or professional one.

If you haven’t created a gallery already, here’s Cincopa getting started guide.

And here’s what you can do on Galleries page:

1. Search by tags and different view filters are available.

2. Add or edit your gallery title.

3. Add tags to filter your galleries much easier

4. Preview gallery. More about preview options in the link.

5. Get a link to embedded pages and domains.

6. View all items available in your gallery by clicking ‘items‘ and view weekly statistics by each item individually. Here you have option to add more files directly.

7. To get weekly/monthly/all-time analytics on your gallery and be able to export the results please click on ‘More Analytics‘. More info please find in this article https://www.cincopa.com/help/export-analytics-data/

8. Customize or edit gallery settings. More info on customization options.

9. Upload more files to an existing gallery, more info please find here http://help.cincopa.com/entries/21739450-How-can-I-add-files-to-existing-gallery

10.  Get code to embed your gallery.

11. Duplicate gallery –  This feature duplicates the gallery with all included settings, text including already uploaded media. More info here: How to duplicate a gallery?

12. Text & Reorder – Add text and reorder or even remove files from gallery:




13. Resynchronize your gallery. The gallery resync is a mechanism that makes sure that all files from a specific gallery are stored on the server in the correct version.

14. Use a gallery as template – This feature duplicates the gallery with all included settings but without the already uploaded media.

More info here: http://help.cincopa.com/entries/28799320-How-to-use-a-gallery-as-template 

15.  Download gallery as a .zip file.

16. Delete gallery.

NOTE: Gallery can’t be restored, but it can be created again manually by uploading files from Assets page.

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