4 Tips to Improve Communication in Remote Teams

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On the 11th of March, 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic.

But if you’ve been watching the news then this should not come as a surprise. You already know that the coronavirus disease 2019 has already spread to different regions.

As of today, on the 17th of March, the total number of infected cases has risen to 185,394 globally, with 7,332 confirmed deaths. In the United States alone, there have been 4,743 reported cases of the viral infection with at least 93 confirmed deaths.

Coronavirus is in full effect, and people are starting to respond. Centers for disease control are working day and night to ensure they share information about how to contain and prevent the continued spread of the coronavirus.

The United Nations is especially vigilant when it comes to sharing information about the coronavirus and how it can be contained. To this effect, countries like China are seeing improvements in infected patients and a reduction of newly infected cases.

But is this good news for the rest of the world? Maybe so, maybe not, we’ll see! What we know for sure is that quarantine measures are here to stay for a while.

As a result, millions of workers are opting for remote work to maintain their work life balance. Employees , therefore, need to facilitate remote companies. This presents the opportunity for working in a virtual team.

Virtual teams are not as effective as face to face occurrences with regards to teamwork and internal comms. But there are tips you can use to improve communication between remote workers. We give you four easy ways to practice and implement.

Consider using an internal communications platform

Now that your workers are at home, you want a communication tool that provides more than email communication. You want to provide an employee experience that encourages productivity as much as it enhances remote communication.

This is where internal communication platforms come in. If used correctly, they can help in engaging employees. They are great for making announcements, engaging in real-time interactions, and conducting team comprehensive conversations.

Nevertheless, with the continuous rise of information technology, there has been an emergence of many remote team communication tools. Worse, many of these tools have different functions. Therefore, finding one that is right for your business and team can be a tasking process.

Moreover, certain functionalities included in the communication platforms can distract your employees. So, what choices do you have?

Google hangouts, Cisco spark, Fleep, Workzone, Chanty, Hive, Workplace by Facebook, Fuze, Glip, Jostle, and Slack. These are some of the internal communication tools you should consider. Each is designed to provide functionality that will make internal communication among your distributed team simple.

For instance, Google hangouts provides instant messaging capabilities. But sometimes, internal communications calls for more than passing information from one employee to another. Sometimes, internal communications require employees to collaborate.

In such a case, adding forums to the company culture works best. And no other platform promotes forums for internal communication better than Slack. Slack is the best internal communication platform for enhancing email communication.

Slack is also sufficient because it allows your employees to subscribe to the channels that are relevant to their job descriptions. One of Slack’s most exceptional features is its ability to integrate with other platforms.

With Slack, your employees will significantly participate in various communication channels. Slack also helps you get the right messages to your employees.

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You need a quality video conferencing platform

You might be in social isolation, but you know you are keeping your human connections alive with video calls. So why not do the same for your business meetings? And it’s free, too.

Because of the spread of the novel covid19, Google, Microsoft, and Zoom are now offering free work from home software. Just a few days ago, Google announced that it was extending its video conferencing features for free.

This means that your business can now host meetings of up to 250 employees using Google Hangouts Meet. You can also save your meetings to Google Drive and use the speech to text technology to create written captions.

The advantage of using Google Hangouts is that it works in collaboration with other services like the Google calendar to make business operations smooth.

On the other hand, Skype is perfect for enhancing employee communications because it offers a web app. The app is ideal for remote jobs. If you have a team of about 250 employees, you can upgrade your account to Skype for business.

With this feature, 250 of your employees can join the same video call. Skype is also known as the best video calling tool because it offers robust security options. This makes it perfect for businesses with sensitive data.

Now, let’s look at Zoom.

Last week, Zoom was the most downloaded business app in the United States on Apple devices. Why? Maybe it is because it currently has no time limits for video calls in Japan, China, the US, and Italy.

Or maybe it is because it’s 256-bit TLS encryption technology maintains that business meetings and company data remain secure. The fact that you can tailor Zoom’s pricing structure to your company needs is also another plus for the video conferencing software.

The truth is, Zoom is your best quality video conferencing platform. But with the increasing demand of these platforms comes the much-needed use of their collaboration capabilities.

Did you know that you can use the Cincopa integration feature to add your cloud capacity with zoom? Keep reading to find out how.

Go beyond and share tacit knowledge

Your business is as good as the knowledge it contains. But to use it, you need to share it. This is why!

Tacit knowledge is the information obtained as a result of years of experience. Within it, you will find intuition, hunches, feelings, and talent, among other things.

Taking advantage of tacit knowledge will give you a competitive advantage because it increases innovation. It is also the knowledge that is hard to imitate.

Look to your organizational experts; they are your talent pool for tacit knowledge. However, you cannot teach tacit knowledge. It can only be passed through direct interaction between employees and their environment.

But with the current call for disease control and prevention by the public health, you need to think beyond face to face communication between your experts and employees. This is where Cincopa Online Video Course and RecTrace shine.

The Cicopa video course allows sharing of videos through an easy and intuitive platform. Your business experts can use the platform to upload old videos.

They can also use Cincopa RecTrace chrome extension to make and show their face through new videos for the employees. Screen sharing is also an option on the Cincopa course.

Employees can then congregate to Cincopa to learn and develop their skills. Besides, the Cicopa video course allows you to customize your videos to your business.

The lack of recommended content or ads on the platform also ensures that your employees are not distracted.

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Your chosen platforms should play nice with each other

You cannot make toast without bread and eggs. In the same way, you cannot collaborate if your platforms do not integrate properly. Lucky for you, Slack, Zoom, and Cincopa are three platforms that play nice with each other.

Start by integrating Slack with Zoom. All you have to do is use the same email address for both accounts and approve Slack in Zoom. Once you have installed the Zoom app in Slack, you can start a meeting and invite participants, join an ongoing meeting, or make an outbound call.

Then, integrate Zoom with Cincopa. There are many benefits that you will get from this integration. For instance, you can catch up with meetings later, you can identify the only parts of the meeting that are relevant to you, and you can search for particular topics in a video.

Finally, integrate Cincopa with Slack. The primary benefit of this integration is getting instant notifications regarding any changes to your accounts.

This also creates a complete tripod system that opens avenues for communication, information sharing, learning, and real-time notification of events between employees in the company.


4 Tips to Improve Communication in Remote Teams

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