Feeling Lonely? Create a Cincopa Team.

Hello and Happy New Year, fellow Cincopians!

We receive many feature requests from you guys. And trust us, we read all of them. Many of your requests end up appearing on our work plan for future updates – and some of these are really exciting suggestions! The kind of new features we just can’t wait to launch!

One of your suggested enhancements made it to the very top of the list…

We’re pleased to announce: Cincopa for Teams

Here’s some history on the update:

We have thousands of Cincopa users. Many of whom fall into specific categories, like:

  • Webmasters– maintaining websites for clients
  • Web Developers -looking for pre-built media solutions for their client’s websites
  • Web Designers– managing design and content for client websites
  • Agencies– hiring external providers for website development and management
  • Photographers. Artists, Musicians and DJ’s – “big brand” creatives seeking excellent digital media solutions for their sites

Up until a few months ago, these professionals didn’t have the option to assign their Cincopa accounts to teams working on their various projects. Cincopa for Teams solves this issue.

We’ve created 2 options for Cincopa Team members

1. Create a Cincopa Team– Grant access to other Cincopa account users and set their user lever (admin, editor, viewer). Simple as that.

Here’s a video walking you through the configuration steps:

Cincopa WordPress plugin

2. My Client Center (MCC)– this is the perfect solution for those working with clients who are already Cincopa account owners. Simply ask your client for permission to access their account. Perfect for Webmaster and Designers: learn here how to do it.

Have an idea for new a new feature?  Send us a message or Tweet me directly @liorlb


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Written by Lior Benderski
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