How Podcast Hosting Can Boost Your Blog Traffic

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Amit Rott

It’s no secret that video provides one of the best ways to interact with people and motivate them to come back for more. Creating an immersive user experience leads to more brand awareness and more lead collection.


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Types of videos that create a buzz

From explainer videos to case studies, videos are giving businesses more opportunities to capture the attention of viewers. Sharing some behind-the-scenes action can give viewers more insight into your company and its culture. Putting your staff front and center in videos and allowing their personalities to shine through resonates with people, especially in businesses when person-to-person interaction is vital.  They are able to relate more to a brand when they can see the people behind the product or service.

Having a video on a home page can help with branding and works well from a design standpoint if the video player can be customized to suit your branding message.  Including video on landing pages provides an opportunity to explain more about how products or services work. Making videos about new products and special offers can help to boost sales.

Podcasting is one of the hottest marketing trends of the current decade. If your business doesn’t have a podcast yet, you should definitely start one. Cincopa is a video hosting platform that provides everything you need podcast hosting and publishing.

Using video you can develop a brand strategy that reaches customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. It can be tailored to suit each stage and drive them closer towards the point of purchase. This may include how-to videos, case studies, customer testimonials and much more.

Measuring success, one lead at a time

It’s one thing to have videos on your site that make your brand stand out but you also need to offer your viewers something of added value when they watch so you can capture their email addresses at the same time. Play count is the easiest metric to measure but success is often determined by the number of leads videos have generated.

Businesses can build form submissions and smart lists around video viewing activity. Cincopa has Turnstile, a custom form that you can place at any point in a video’s timeline, making it easy to gather leads.  A call-to-action can be placed anywhere in a video, getting them to fill in a form or to another relevant page or video. Annotation links can be added to videos to add any supplementary information without interrupting the flow of the video.

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With in-depth analytics that go beyond just measuring views, you can determine which videos are working best for your business. Find out who is watching your videos and how long they watch. Find out if they are watching a certain part more than once or if they lose interest and stop watching at a particular point. Such information can be invaluable when it comes to tweaking your video marketing strategy and gaining more leads.

Cincopa’s suite of tools includes the ability to easily create, upload and embed a podcast onto your site and blog. Simply record your podcast, select your preferred Cincopa podcast template, upload your audio file with the simple Cincopa wizard and add the embed code generated by Cincopa, to the relevant page. Job is done!

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The beauty of Cincopa is that it doesn’t just help you do one job, like adding podcasts to your site – it can be used for your Zendesk support system, to add video slideshows and create beautiful image galleries to wow your users, or to add a music player to your website.

All of this and more, from one app.

Or, if you think your listeners want something completely different from your podcast blog, you could go down the music root. Add a podcast playlist to entertain your audience – it will keep you and your viewers interested and ensure your content program is not too samey.


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How Podcast Hosting Can Boost Your Blog Traffic

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