5 SEO Benefits of HTML Slideshow

An HTML slideshow if well created and implemented, guarantees your site increased user engagement. The promise of more viewer traffic and interaction equates to greater sales, brand projection and success.

In order to create a notable increase in engagement and conversions a regular slideshow would be inadequate, it would require a responsive slideshow with unique design and usability, that utilizes marketing techniques and a simple, SEO friendly coding.

Here, in a nutshell, you can see the 5 main SEO advantages in all-incorporating HTML slideshow:


Marketing Tools

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SEO Friendly Slideshow Code

An embedded slideshow within your site is able to contain links as well as local citations. This linkable slideshow has SEO triggers which help in creating an enticing stir about your business as search engine algorithms pick these up. ‘An enticing stir’ may sound rather fanciful but what that means is more people notice, bump into your content and are directed towards your intended message and/or brand.enticing stir

Social Engagement Increasing Slideshows

HTML5 slideshow code is usually generated for you, and all you have to do is embed this within your already existing site – a Cincopa embedded slideshow is essentially created just by copying and pasting. But after the user engaged with the slideshow, it’s better to allow him a continuous engagement with your brand, and what better way is there to do so, other than the social channels. Slideshows can assist in diverting your audience to your secondary mediums, such as your Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. What you stand to gain is an all-encompassing circular domino effect; an interlinked chain which pushes your potential customer or user from one form of brand output to another, eventually keeping him as a returning user and even sharing your photos and mention your brand or website.

domino effect

HTML Slideshow And Photo SEO

An image can be worth a thousand words and with regard to photo SEO, by making an image as small as possible – in terms of download size – you enable your content to be further picked up by search engines. Photo SEO can start with the right file name; this is the first location to use that keyword and you want Google and all search engines to know what the image is about, even without looking at it. Cincopa’s designs and templates take photo SEO fully into account and try to give your material the greatest possible and calculated chance of being hit, and hit repeatedly by your intended audience.

User-Friendly SEO Element

Compared to the various other content displaying mediums at your disposal, HTML slideshows have minimal spam and so, can actually provide some link value. HTML slideshow service and guidance include linked URLs; adding keyword relevancy value to searches. The aim of the game is to top any browser list ethically and fairly. One should be focused on this desired result when formulating HTML slideshow templates and in order to ensure that all of the material offers both full scalability and SEO optimization.

SEO Friendly Slideshow For Websites

Your slideshow content can also be extremely helpful in generating other types of material and output for your content marketing and optimization efforts. Cincopa’s already made and is continually expanding its library of material, can help you in designing illustrations and diagrams within our slideshow software, and screen-grabs of these images can then be used to illustrate your blog posts, articles, website, and to share via Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram for example. This helps you to maximize your time and streamline your efforts whilst helping in your attempts to implement brand consistency.

2 targets 1 bullet

There are a variety of ways in which HTML slideshow presentations can be used to optimize a business for SEO, either directly or indirectly. The results are nothing but advantageous for you and your company’s online visibility and perception. Cincopa is in the enviable position of being able to put years of experience into practice, and of having been able to mold and adjust our multi-faceted platform into something which is both easy to use and optimize, whilst also guaranteeing results.


Marketing Tools

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Originally published on December 14th, 2017, updated on April 28th, 2019
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5 SEO Benefits of HTML Slideshow

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