Photo Gallery for Websites and the Ugly Duckling

There once was an ugly duckling, with feathers all stubby and brown, and the other birds said in so many words, get out of town.

Sadly, and unlike the fairy tale, we won’t all naturally flourish and change into a beautiful white swan. In the case of IT and more specifically websites, this ‘natural’ evolution is still a long way off.

That said, we have help and tools at our disposal which can turn what once was an ugly duckling of a website, into a fast, reliable and secure demonstration of beauty – one of the main tools is no other then the photo gallery.

Why a HTML photo gallery will add the yin to your yang

Creating the perfect lure for your customers and creating the ideal platform to highlight your products, designs and ideas is a balancing act which requires imagery. The Cincopa media platform is fully compatible with any site or blog and enables you to easily upload your photos and produce a stunning display that both intrigues and captivates your ever-increasing audience.

With over 40 templates to choose from, you can revitalize your site within a few simple steps: choose your template – which can then be customized to your liking, upload your photos, and then create the desired gallery display which is then embedded into your site.

ugly duckling illustrationAdd some pizazz to your site with photo gallery widget packed imagery

There are now an uncountable number of online competitors you must do battle with. The simple fact is, you have but a few seconds to pull in a potential customer and within this infinitely small amount of time, you must leave a memorable and positive imprint. Photo gallery HTML is one of the approaches you have to take in attracting business. Visually you need to be noticed and irrespective of your particular product, sight and sound stimulation is the difference between success and failure; if they don’t notice or hear you, how can they buy from you?

By utilizing Cincopa’s multi-media platform and functionality, you kill several creative, and customer stimulation birds with one stone – but hopefully not any ducklings!

Checkout Cincopa’s Image Gallery Slideshow Widgets: Click Here

Photo gallery website – change, adapt and upgrade with the times


Your site has now blossomed into a beautiful white swan. Your intended message is now for the world to see in various formats and interest is increasing. This will not always be the case unless you continually adapt and upgrade with the times. Who wants to go back to being an ugly duckling?

A HTML photo gallery or even if it is published as an RSS feed, is now an essential part of the puzzle for any site and this needs to be maintained and even improved as trends and technology progress. As a partner of Cincopa, you are offered a multi-faceted platform that will guide you with regard to both creation and implementation; whether it be easily putting your photos on your site, embedding video, creating a slideshow or adding music.

In addition, a complete backup utility is provided as well as cloud computing, which enables you to access your files from any device.

Checkout Cincopa’s Responsive Gallery Slideshow Widgets: Click Here

Everyone and everything comes in all shapes and forms, and some people might argue that being an ugly duckling adds uniqueness or is a positive stride in going against the grain of perceived beauty; and in the real world no one could or should really argue with that. The land of the world wide web is a very different place however;and even more brutal and judgmental than reality, and without the inclusion of user-friendly, eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing material, you are very rarely given a chance.

Chances are everything in this increasingly fast environment of ours and you need to give yourself as great a chance as possible to leap frog the opposition.

get ahead of your opposition

Originally published on December 14th, 2017, updated on March 17th, 2019
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Photo Gallery for Websites and the Ugly Duckling

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