CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, BuddyPress)

CMS integration allows you to manage multimedia directly from your CMS dashboard. Cincopa offers a complete media kit for major CMS platforms making multimedia management even easier for you. Easily add rich media content to your CMS-based website using our plugins, modules and extensions:

WordPress plugins

Cincopa for WordPress offers the most complete toolset for managing online video, slideshows, image galleries, music, and podcasts on your WordPress website or blog.

Joomla extensions

Upload, manage and publish all media types in a few clicks with Cincopa’s Joomla extensions . Turn your Joomla website into a powerful multimedia portal.

Drupal module

Cincopa’s all-in-one module for Drupal adds the full power of multimedia to your website. Use it to empower your web presence with online video player, creative slideshows and photo galleries, audios and podcasts.

Blogger widgets

Add rich media galleries, slideshows, photos, videos and music to your blog with Cincopa's widget for Blogger. this includes beautiful templates and all those can be configured in a few clicks.

BuddyPress Gallery Plugin

Cincopa offers all-in-one rich media gallery solution for BuddyPress. Add videos, music, images, slideshows. Also, you can and even podcasts to your BuddyPress website in various combinations. Shape your galleries and create a unique appearance using Cincopa's inclusive tools and amazing templates!

Other CMSs

The following CMSs are supported without a dedicated plug

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