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Welcome To Cincopa Video Platform – Lets start

Thank you for signing up for a Cincopa account, we would like to welcome you on board.

Let us take you on a tour to explain how Cincopa works and how you can benefit from our amazing platform.

What is Cincopa?

Cincopa is a comprehensive digital media management platform that enables businesses of all types and sizes to take full control over their media assets. Our software supplies users with an intuitive platform that allows them to fully utilize and monetize their digital media content with ease.

Cincopa provides organizations, businesses, and individuals with the tools to help them host videos on their websites, blogs, social media channels, create and share professional-looking slideshows, image galleries, music catalogs, audio collections, and video portals among others.

Cincopa can be utilized for a wide range of purposes – academic and instructional, sales and marketing, digital media storage, content libraries, media and publishing, and e-commerce to mention a few.

Cincopa offers various designs for slideshows, photo galleries, video players, private video hosting solutions, documents presentation, and more.

It’s easy to host and manage your videos, images, and audio files with Cincopa. Just click here, choose the skin for your videos, images, and audio files, then follow our wizards instructions through 4 easy steps.

Overview of Cincopa Features

Video Portal:

Secure, organized, branded, searchable, interactive, and distraction-free, Cincopa’s Video Portal provides your company with a video space to facilitate a multitude of internal and external use cases. With Cincopa Video Portals, you’ll be guaranteeing that only those who need to watch your videos be able to access them and have the power to know exactly how viewers engage with your videos:

  • Are they watching them all the way through?
  • Are they skipping certain parts?

Player Layouts Templates:

We have developed a family of elegant player templates that are very easy to customize and embed into any website. All player templates are HTML5 based and responsive, providing mobile-friendly user experience. There are over 100 different templates developed to display your media content.

Cincopa players are the most customizable video player on the market, offering branding, interactive elements, complete API, and a variety of template style designs. Our video player makes it easy for any business to embed a video on any website, customize, and brand it.

Cincopa galleries can become interactive by adding Lead Forms, Call To Action, and many other widgets which encourage the user take actions.

Cincopa allows you to create a Gallery using your photos. You can choose from many different types of Photo Gallery templates, when viewed they will contain a slider like professional photo gallery. You can then share it via a URL or embed it into your website.

Audio, Music & Podcast Players:

With Cincopa, you can create Audio Players, Music Players, and Podcast galleries with a variety of templates. In addition, Cincopa offers a variety of tools to help its users with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of their audio content. There are multiple factors in Cincopa that can help you improve your audio content’s SEO

Live Strem:

Live streaming allows content creators to interact with viewers, keep the viewers engaged, and assist in the creation of online communities. Live streaming can turn ordinary people into extremely successful entertainers and influencers. It can massively boost sales from businesses and help teachers and coaches reach out to people all over the world.

Share Page:

The Share page is a brandable space used to showcase and share video or other media items with your audience. A Cincopa Share Page, much like a Video Portal, is hosted under a sub-domain (company.cincopa.com) and acts as a “frame” for a video, channel, or gallery which can then be shared as a ShareLink (URL) on your website, through email campaigns or other ways such as a channel like SMS, in-app or push notification.

With Cincopa’s SharePage feature, you will be able to customize your media pages in a way that looks consistent with your brand.

You can also add HTML elements and CSS styles to your SharePage to create the look you have in your mind.

Video marketing tools:

Get more out of your video content with various tools designed to increase engagement and exposure, incorporate videos in your marketing funnels, emails, websites, social media accounts, etc. Cincopa allows you to create a photo or video HTML slideshow and embed it into any web page that accepts HTML or publish it as an RSS feed.


GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individual citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area. Cincopa supports the privacy rights of its customers and their users and is currently GDPR-compliant.


In applications where videos play a critical role inside the organization or hold sensitive data, it is paramount that the video data is transmitted, stored, and delivered securely. With Cincopa, the uploaded videos and related metadata are ingested and stored securely in the Cincopa Server databases & through regular backups.  Cincopa’s media platform provides a series of security mechanisms that enable users to maintain full end-to-end security and integrity of video data.


Video Analytics used by Cincopa are the ultimate source of insight into the online performance of your videos. Here, you can see where video views came from, how your audience interacted with the content, view detailed stats for each video asset, group them by web page, domain and country.

Cincopa’s Video Analytics dashboard will show aggregate video stats within a selected timeframe. For your convenience, data is presented in a graph, which is helps to comprehend how video stats change over time.

Understanding how your audience interacts with your video content is a key-component en-route to successful marketing. With Cincopa’s new Video Analytics, you can be sure that your videos not only look great but also deliver excellent results. The results will always depend on how well you comprehend viewers preferences and use this information to create engaging video content.

Monetization / VAST Video Ads

As a video owner, you can use the VAST feature within Cincopa’s video player to publish custom ads from third-party advertisers, set your own pricing, and optimize placement. The VAST XML file specifies ad size and can contain video and graphical source files which will be shown in the player. Enable video auto-play mode if you want the ad to launch automatically when the viewer loads the web page with embedded video.


Cincopa offers a verity of plugins for various CRM, CMS, LMS, Email, Automation, and eCommerce solutions. Example: WordPress plugin, Drupal Module, Joomla module, etc.


Cincopa allows its users to integrate its features with many third party websites like MailChimp, Constant Connect, Slack,  Hubspot, Zapier, Youtube, etc. These integrations make Cincopa a great video platform to share your media files with multiple popular providers.

You will be able to integrate with the following categories: Email Provider, Marketing Automation, API Integration, Social, etc.

Developers API:

Cincopa’s API’s are Powerful foundations to build your Video and Media applications on. Cincopa provides clean and Simple API with Open Source Code.

Cincopa has designed a set of Media Platform API which offers access to your galleries using a REST-like request, feeds (RSS and JSON) requests, and simple HTTP POST.

These APIs are very helpful in displaying your media as per your companies requirements. For example, you can ask a user to upload a file on your website using our API’s and the file will then be uploaded to your Cincopa account. You can then use the Cincopa platform to display the stored files.


Ready to start ?!

Upload and share file from Assets Page

Create and share your media gallery

Create a Video Portal

Create Share Page

Cincopa Analytics

Manage Integrations

Get Api Token & List of Cincopa APIs


Want to learn more about Cincopa?

Cincopa has created a knowledgeable help center, so that you can understand each and every feature of Cicnopa.

You can access the Cinopa Help Center from this URL

If you need further assistance in getting started with Cincopa or any queries you have, you can always get in touch with us at https://www.cincopa.com/contact-us

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