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6 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Video

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In our digital era, video is the most popular type of online content. It’s far easier to attract consumers with high-quality videos than with plain text, even if it’s well-written and to the point. More and more marketers make video an integral part of their marketing strategy these days, and you should, too. Follow our 6 tips for improving your marketing with video and watch your business grow like never before.

1 – Tell a story about your business

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You don’t necessarily have to be a professional video editor or publisher to produce engaging visual content that your audience will like. You should think of video like of the easiest way to tell a story about your business. Some examples of what you can show to viewers are introductory videos about your company, product video reviews, tutorials, walkthroughs, testimonials, and more. Whichever video type you decide to create, Cincopa will fully take care of hosting and presenting it effectively to your audience. Take advantage of numerous pre-designed video player templates which you can use to make any custom video look great on your website.

2 – Give exposure to your brand

No matter where you intend to promote your visual content – on your own website, on social networks or third-party websites, your brand should get enough exposure it deserves. Consider branding video player with a custom logo or watermark that can not only visually represent your business but also direct video viewers to a specified landing page directly from the video player. Cincopa allows to set a custom URL with your logo or watermark, which people can click on to learn more about your company. 

3 – Make your videos interactive with calls-to-action and annotations

Calls-to-action and annotations are great examples of how video content can be enhanced with text for better marketing results. A catchy quote at the right point of a video will motivate viewers to take certain actions which correspond with your business goals. For example, you can increase retention by offering them another video for watching or invite them to follow the link, subscribe or another action.

A call-to-action looks like a line of text which appears at the specified time and attracts attention of your video viewers. An annotation shows up in the form of a clickable text box with a custom background which usually contains some more text than a call-to-action. Both may include a link that is either opened in a new browser tab or shown in a tooltip. In case you want to make your video more interactive, mark hot points on it, engage your viewers, and gain marketing conversions, you should definitely try these options. 


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4 – Keep your content accessible – add video subtitles

Add subtitles to video, keep your content competitive and accessible

Video subtitles are an amazing feature helping to keep your content competitive and accessible to viewers anytime. Let them enjoy watching your videos in noisy places like stores, cafes, etc. This visual element will help them to better understand the video focusing their attention on the key statements. Alternatively, you can add subtitles in one or several different languages to provide video translation for foreign viewers. Cincopa supports a specific file format and markup for video subtitles. You may upload several subtitle files for each language to enable multilingual translation.

5 – Collect email leads from video

If you haven’t used video for lead generation before, you must be losing lots of potential customers. Video can be a reliable source of business leads because people who watch your video are better motivated to do business with you. They are already engaged with your content, so they’ll be happy to learn more. At this very stage, you need to get their contact information in order to reach out to them later and send them a detailed business offer.

Lead Generator is one of the most important tools for marketing. It shows up a user-friendly email form while a viewer keeps watching the video. You can specify the timing, customize text and form fields, and even design a custom HTML form or add it with an external URL. All form submissions will be saved automatically to a specified email list created with your email marketing provider, like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

6 – Use Video Analytics to improve marketing results

So, you have embedded video to your website and it looks just great. Now you need to understand your audience a little better. By analyzing video smart data and learning how your viewers react to certain videos you can figure out which content is preferred better.

Advanced Video Analytics is an extremely helpful tool every business should use as a source of marketing intelligence: you can learn detailed video viewing stats and group them by video, domain, web page, and user location. Keep track of which videos engage your audience better and where exactly some of your viewers drop off. You’ll be surprised with how much personal information you can get about every video viewer: their country, IP address, web browser type, device, activity dates, engagement rate, and more. Aligning this data with your sales will let you improve your product offers and find more effective marketing tactics.


Originally published on November 23rd, 2016, updated on April 30th, 2019
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6 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Video

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