Boosting Customer Satisfaction With Video

A customer expectation is one area where the rules are always changing and when you can never stay put. There are still innovations that threaten to squash your entire business vision if you don’t invest a sufficient amount of effort in completing the necessary steps for improvement.

Thankfully, you have a powerful tool at your disposal – CRM videos. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and fusing videos with your existing methods can cause a significant rise in overall customer happiness.

Helpdesk software is an integral part of boosting the overall customer experience. Initially, it only handled complex databases and customer information, including queries and profiles and contracts, but now it has a whole new role in providing customer support. It’s no longer just in service for the service provider; it’s also an ally to the service receiver.

Customer happiness is nurtured through a quick and efficient response rate, which in turn allows the provider to have more loyal customers, which, again, increases revenue and the quality of services provided.

Although there has been substantial criticism concerning helpdesk software, all those prices and time-consuming issues are a thing of a past. Platforms like Zendesk and other prominent CRMs has managed to integrate the functionality of helpdesk video to make customer service a much pleasant experience for both sides.

We’re going to take a closer look at how can video support help boost the success of your company through increased customer satisfaction and overall experience.

The importance of video as a means of improving customer service

Video is essential to develop a means of establishing a good relationship with your customers. It provides immediate help in times of need, as well as an interactive way of publishing relevant information.

A good helpdesk CRM provides you with a unique and efficient way of running an FAQ page – the first line of customer service when it comes to every website.

Pictures and text aren’t as enticing as animation, nor are they as efficient as videos. Imagine if your eCommerce site has a problem with the checkout feature and you have to explain into your customers through a section on the FAQ page.

It will take too much time, and the customer decides that it’s more worth it to find a more suitable site than to read through a wall of text and a gallery of images.


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using video.

How Cincopa’s product team uses spontaneous video creation for targeted, “small” feature announcements

In Cincopa, about 32% of all billing transactions occur through PayPal. Once we established that a substantial amount of users needed this feature, We prioritized it, got it into our backlog and eventually built in. As its not big and shiny feature, There was really no reason to do full-scale email announcement which will target our complete user base.

So our product team recorded a video on the fly with RecTrace and sent it as a video thumbnail via targeted Email and In-app Messages to the specific users who requested it.

Results: 84% video engagement rate, over 49% email click-through rate and great satisfaction rating to the In-app message.  Cost: less than 5 minutes to create, set up the email, deliver and record measurments\analytics for future use.

PayPal Invoices feature, Accessible through the billing management section.

An efficient way of reaching out to customers

Video is of great importance. It provides the human mind with an intense way of sending out information. 95% of all data stored in our minds is remembered visually, whereas we remember visual information more efficiently. Hence, 54% percent of online readers prefer visual content over text.

This number rises even further when we take into consideration the audio support if it’s included. This leads us to the list of reasons why video proves to be the most efficient means of customer support:

  • It is immediate because customers won’t have to wait to put on the line or to get an email response.
  • It’s short. By fusing text and keeping into one interface, you will get the most out of your helpdesk CRM, Zendesk, or otherwise.
  • It lowers the call-cost by saving calls and actual contact with the customer only when the videos don’t accomplish their goals.
  • It empowers customers. With video support, customers will be five times more capable of resolving the issues at hand themselves. People love when good customer service assists them, but they love it, even more, when they can go through all the steps with merely a video guide.
  • By adding videos to Zendesk and other helpdesk features, you expand your interaction with customers because they will feel a sense of immediacy. Through a video, they will see you care about them and that they’re dealing with an actual person, not just a face behind the screen.

The art of helpdesk is a two-way street

By employing an excellent customer support platform, you ensure that not only the customers are happy, but you as well. The notion of a two-way street is based on the actual effects of a helpdesk setup.

Zendesk, for example, allows customers to receive a right amount of information through an easy-to-navigate platform and enables you, the service provider, to gain valuable information and feedback about the interaction of customers with different elements of your website.

Embedding support to your website does much more than just helping customers to use your services better. It gives you another means of information influx, a way to receive data about the behavior of your customers. With the plethora of new data, you have a unique chance to build upon your success and to never repeat the same mistakes.

Most people think that the customer and the provider are two separate entities, whereas they are mutually dependent. Better customer service directly results in a better company, something everyone should strive for.

Integrations – the winning formula when it comes to improving customer’s satisfaction

In order to demonstrate the full power of integrations in the field of helpdesk CRMs, we’re doing to refer to the Cincopa and Zendesk symbiosis, the addition of multimedia features to your already stellar customer support platform. CRM integration is not something everyone practices, so it’s important to always stay on top of the game and utilize the tools at hand the best way possible.

By simply finding the Cincopa app in the Zendesk directory and creating an account, you can improve customer satisfaction by adding videos to your support platform. They can come in the form of an FAQ list, provided with limited textual answers, only there to support the videos.

Support Help Collaborate Community Together

Or you can use the platform as a form of an introduction to your brand. Along with a welcome email, you can send a link directing the customers to the primary area of your website.

Combining both facets of Cincopa are an efficient way of increasing customer satisfaction, improving customer retention and increasing overall traffic as well.

A long-term solution as well

Integrating your CRM with a multimedia platform like Cincopa is also a long-term solution, with some of its benefits appearing months after you’ve completed the integration process. This is because such a system frees up resources.

You won’t be inclined to hire contact center operators or burden your IT technicians with problems that customers can indeed solve themselves. Instead, they will be free to focus on working on new projects that will further improve your brand, with the extra time available.

With video tutorials, guides, and aids, you can improve both customer satisfaction and customer self-confidence.

People are generally more drawn to individuals that show them what they can accomplish, not those that provide crutches. The individual here is you and the crutches are customer service calls.

A good platform and a helpdesk basis can allow you to have happy, independent and communicative customers, which will result in rave reviews across the web.

Customer standards are always changing and they always will. However, with video support, you will still be one step ahead of their expectations, ready to provide the ultimate service. In a competitive world, everybody is coming back to the roots – the customer himself.


Corporate Solutions

using video.


Originally published on March 15th, 2018, updated on October 13th, 2020
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Boosting Customer Satisfaction With Video

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