How Video Integration with HubSpot will Gain Traction in 2021

As technology continues to infuse with marketing, modern-day marketers are benefitting from a variety of advanced features that have helped them augment their marketing potential.

One of these features has been marketing automation.

This rise of automation tools such as HubSpot, allows marketers to create a seamless flow of optimized content; blogs, landing pages, email, and more. Marketing automation tools offer vital insights, helping them find qualified leads through digital and putting their content assets to good use.

While marketers previously prioritized automating various aspects of digital marketing and content generation – a rising trend demands their attention now.

“As video consumption grows, it has the potential to become the content form for the future.”


This rise in the consumption of video marketing started back in 2017. By  2019, marketers realized that integrating video content in their automation strategies is no longer a choice in this competitive market.

According to statistics revealed by HubSpot, around 55% of online users consume video-based content daily.

With billions of potential customers, the digital realm can be a sweet haven for current, and future marketers and videos are the perfect tools for them to reach these prospects.


Why Is Video Marketing Gaining Traction?

The core function of any marketing strategy is to attract consumers and push them to convert. Given consumers’ increasing attraction video content, it is not surprising that marketers are intrigued by its potential.

Considering the fact that videos increase the conversion rates of your landing page by over 80%, their interest seems only rational.

This begs the question: how do we integrate videos into our marketing automation strategy?

This is where HubSpot comes in.

Infusing Video into HubSpot

There are multiple types of videos , each dedicated to a separate purpose, such as creating awareness or increasing conversions.

As a core component of marketing strategies for businesses across the globe, HubSpot has made video content a pillar of its platform. This allows you to leverage different types of videos throughout your marketing plan and enhance its effectiveness.

Laden with advanced features, HubSpot simplifies the entire process of creation and integration of video content.

Here is precisely what HubSpot Video offers:

Video Hosting

Now you can easily embed a video into your web pages.

For a blog post, that means additional content and visual cues that increase retention and engagement.

In the context of a landing page, a product-specific video will push your prospects down the conversion funnel, resulting in increased conversions.


Adding a Video at the End of the Funnel

As mentioned earlier, videos are no longer used only to increase awareness. By infusing them with capabilities offered by the HubSpot automation tool, you can even add call-to-actions within the videos, turning a simple video into a lead-generation machine.


Workflow Automation with Integrated Videos

For a video to be successful and bring in traffic, you need to develop a campaign around it.

Opt for a more holistic approach by interacting with trigger workflows within your video. This will not only increase the viewership of the video but will also help you quantify your video efforts in terms of ROI.


In this workflow, video engagement dictates enrollment and further functions


HubSpot Expands Its Video Integration Capabilities

With video marketing gaining traction in recent years, HubSpot CRM is adding new features to help you make the most out of your videos.

Here are a few areas where we are likely to see this platform expand its video automation capabilities:

Social Media Integration

Email hosting platforms restrict marketers from embedding videos right into their emails. The case is the same with the social platforms, as videos in players are outperformed by those uploaded on a native platform.

However, HubSpot is working on this issue and is likely to introduce video-driven solutions that could integrate well within an email campaign or run seamlessly in a social media player.


How To Benefit From HubSpot CRM In Sales Hub?

Videos can help foster communication through short personalized videos.
Unfortunately, not many salespeople are using it to their benefit.

In a sales hub, videos can be used to educate a client and answer their queries. In fact, the HubSpot CRM now lets you send personalized videos directly to a prospect, through its CRM.

Service Hub Users can Respond to a Ticket Using a Video

One of the many ways HubSpot CRM helps marketers is by allowing them to create one-on-one videos to respond to tickets (present in the email section within your dashboard).

A neutral video that addresses a common question can also be used to answer similar queries in the ticketing section.

For instance, if there is a commonly occurring issue or query amongst your customers, you can simply add a short video to address those queries.

Use Heat-maps to See how Your Video Performs with Audiences

HubSpot Video allows you to measure the response on your videos by using heat-maps.

They are created throughout the video to find out how a particular section of your video (often the CTA) performed among different audiences. This helps marketers discover information that can help improve their overall lead-generation and promotion strategies.

Make the Most Out of Detailed Analytics

Video-integration with HubSpot CRM can help you get quantifiable insights regarding each piece of content.

Marketers will be able to tell precise times when a video was watched, how engaged the viewer was, and to what point was the video watched.


In Conclusion

HubSpot has recognized the prolific aspects of video marketing and developed ways to integrate the power of video with your usual content. They have also come up with a large number of integrations with google sheets to enhance organized workflow.

Now videos can help you capture leads, score and segment prospective customers, and find out exactly when they are ready to convert – all within a single platform.

2020 is the year for video marketing automation, and you can excel at it as long as you have the right tools and applications on your side.

Use HubSpot Video and align your video marketing strategy today to lead the competitive market tomorrow.

Originally published on January 9th, 2020, updated on June 3rd, 2021
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How Video Integration with HubSpot will Gain Traction in 2021

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