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The Pros and Cons of Having a Video Gallery On Your Website

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Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find them.

Now, I am no Little Bo Beep but losing your sheep is rather foolish and irresponsible. Imagine losing a customer – some badly-behaved individuals within your client base it would be enjoyable to lose I’m sure – or heaven forbid, can you imagine misplacing their contact information? What about losing their attention and your brand’s appeal?

When you run a business an unofficial oath that you swear is, that in return for the great service or product you supply, profit is made. Thus, you have a responsibility as a business owner, marketing manager, and employee. Your responsibility is to ensure trust by being reliable, and to provide stimulation for your audience, not losing your attractiveness in whichever sphere of business you may be in. While Little Bo Beep’s resume was no doubt fantastic, she definitely let the ball slip on this one; something you and I cannot afford to do.


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Video Engagement:

Video engagement is a great way in which you can tell a story and project your company’s image; a branding video, for example, is a fantastic method of pushing forward your individual ideas and message. By using this medium in addition to your existing platform and advertising, you give yourself additional exposure and not only in format; by utilizing and optimizing your very own and unique video output, you can obtain a higher ranking in search results and essentially guarantee greater visibility. So, here you have a user-friendly, easily manageable and effective device in which you can meet keep your promises and even surpass your customer’s expectations.

Video, or more accurately visual output and putting a face to the name, adds credibility to your organization. Trust is vital for any business’s success and longevity and with the regular utilization of video within your site, you are able in one fell swoop to attract an audience, maintain their attention, as well as gaining recognition and trust.

Deliver your message the way you want it:

People are more likely to watch an interesting flourish on video; video engagement enables you to deliver different communication styles (movement and special effects etc.) and why not offer a projection of both brand both verbally and visually as well as in common text form also?

This ability to engage and attract will have a direct effect on your sites conversion rate. It’s pointless having 20,000 viewers if they quickly whizz by to other sites. It’s pretty much meaningless if your audience is disengaged, distracted and finds your site and material unmemorable. A video gallery is a fantastic lure and hook for your site and this should transfer across into sales. This will help you to keep hold of some of your speedy users and convert what was initially a bit of window shopping into revenue and success – all at the very same time showing and pushing your ideas, services, and brand further. I see an interesting movement: click. I watch a short and interesting video: my right hand and forefinger stop clicking. Your video offers me something or leads me to another channel you have such as LinkedIn or Facebook: a possible click. These clicks guarantee you increased exposure and thus an increased opportunity to sell.

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Video Testimonials:

A video testimonial is another convenient video graphic tool that you have at your fingertips. Irrespective of the individual or business that gives warm backing to your company or service, any complimentary review by a 3rd party is nothing but positive – depending on the individual of course. This can also be used to directly highlight your actual services; and wisely selecting a mixed bag of testimonials can show your audience what you offer, the merits of your service and brand, whilst at the same time having others professionally vouch for you.

You don’t always have to do all the leg work yourself with regard to video creation, and you can use a 3rd parties video – if you have permission to show this of course,or have to access to a pool of templates and resources – so in some cases, why not jump on someone else’s bandwagon and approvingly use what they’ve created to demonstrate your own business and products?

Mark Twain; “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”:

Everybody misses the boat sometimes and it’s nearly impossible to always keep ahead of the pack. That said, there is no harm in trying and fighting to do so. Striving to gain an upward curve in revenue, sales, and exposure amongst other things is to be commended, and by accustoming yourself to the many other available tools and formats at your disposal in this day and age, should most definitely be attempted. Being fearful of something new is more than understandable but worth trying to overcome.

Greatly elaborating on Mark Twain: the secret of getting ahead is getting started, adapting to and absorbing the new ways and methods in which you can sell yourself and company. Video and other mediums that generate engagement are vital to your success in this, our crazily fast and ever-changing and advancing 2017.

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The easily countered drawbacks:

When implementing a video gallery, you need to maximize the effect and be wary of certain factors. A poorly executed video, for example, could be counterproductive and do more harm to your company and brand than good. So, creating a professional and entertaining video which is compatible with, and consistently matches your brand’s intended message is pivotal.

It’s all well and good gaining much greater exposure and attention, but you do want to channel your content in the direction of your ideal audience. Your video matter should be tailored appropriately for your target audience and should be limited in time. Generally speaking, a short, clear and concise video will entertain and appeal much more than a large body of text. That said, you wish to leave a lasting and positive impact and if your video drags or loses its relevancy even, this could again result in negative results.

Video engagement is key but you want voluntary interaction, and a video that starts by itself and clicks into action without the approval of your visitor may prove annoying. Give options to your potential customer; try to entice and appeal to them of course, but if a customer or subscriber repeatedly has to cancel or exit a page out of frustration, this is no good thing and easily avoidable.

Your user’s experience on mobile devices needs to be considered. More than thought over really, and this is an ever-increasing way in which people reach you and see your goods. Having a responsive website is now becoming essential and having a responsive design or video gallery ensures that you don’t lose potential customers.

Aggressive Video Marketing
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All of these are easily countered drawbacks to the use of video and media galleries within your site, but worth definite consideration.

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Video Gallery with FREE Video upload:

No one wants to do a ‘Little Bo Peep’ and lose their sheep; now, preemptive measures are always best of course, but it’s better late than never and an audience can always be rediscovered and/or revitalized. If the idea of implementing a video gallery is something which you find difficult, daunting or even too time-consuming to approach, know that it is simplicity itself. Online video hosting is now part of the course, and an expected piece of the package you’ll find on offer.

What you require is a base platform; your own website only, and from there the process is a matter of acquiring the software for FREE and then placing your video content on your site. This is a piece of cake for technophobes and tech gurus alike.

Having your very own video gallery is impressive to the prying eyes of your audience, and easily achievable and manageable from your side of things. offers an all-incorporating platform with different levels of material and tech access. A WordPress video gallery, or video gallery which is compatible with numerous CMS systems – including Drupal, Blogger, and Joomla – can be attained in a matter of minutes, and the Cincopa platform enables you to upload your video and photographic materials for FREE.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Get started with here and access a multitude of materials to invigorate and drive your existing site platform forward.

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Originally published on January 4th, 2018, updated on April 28th, 2019
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The Pros and Cons of Having a Video Gallery On Your Website

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